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These questions arise because we as a society are TOTALLY PASSIVE, and mentally conditioned to accept purely emotional reasons for all historical events, which also deprive us from analyzing such events for the benefit of the society. 
Our PASSIVE attitude also negatively eliminates possibility of Hindu society getting engaged in any positive future research. 
The serious query that came immediately from readers of the blog was : 
Why Shri Krishna allowed the forces of Dwarika to be used from the side of Kauravs in a Dharm WAR, popularly known as Mahabharat war, or one can say World War. 

Secondly if Dharm, as seen evident was in the side of Pandavs, why HE even restricted HIMSELF that HE would not use any arms in the war?

This is in response to our Hindi post : बलराम जिनको हलधर भी कहते हैं, एक सुसज्जित मानव खेती विशेषज्ञ
History require physical answers based on facts or one can say, historical details. The same would apply here except that no supernatural powers are to be used, and secondly, in fair manner, the physical reasons must satisfy ALL QUERIES that can come in an average mind.
In this particular case, NO ONE would go to fight WORLD WAR with his/her hands tied like this. Lord Krishna's forces would fight from enemy's side and HE is not supposed to use arms. So what exactly were the PHYSICAL realities for such strange decision ?
YADUS(YADAVS) were at that stage proficient in Genetic engineering and Human Cloning. Transplant of embryo of Lord Balram and Lord Krishna was done much earlier. The entire tribe was GAINFULLY employed and DECENTLY earning because of this.
Balram was Human Farming expert and Yadavs were Financially gaining from Genetic Engineering and Human Farming. Yet Krishna had to support Dharm and Pandavs in such DELICATE situation.

Balram was himself Human Farming expert and was all in favor of siding with Kauravs in World War. The only handicap or emotional reason for favoring Pandavs was that their favorite sister Subadhra was married to Arjun, and Hindu traditions respect this relation.

Because of FINANCIAL gains from Genetic Engineering and Human Farming Dwarika was STRONLY in favor of siding with Kauravs.

Yet Krishna had to support Dharm in such DELICATE situation. 

Citing Subadhra (ie Why Arjun came to ask for support), which is emotional reason to satisfy the masees/public, and Balram, Shri Krishna accepted that forces would support Kauravs, which was the wish of masses, and since sister Subhadra was wife of Arjun, HE would side with Pandavs with condition that HE IS NOT GOING to use ARMS. That satisfied Balram and Public. 

Balram was left with NO CHOICE except to go on a Pilgrimage. 

A Delicate situation handled delicately/tactfully.

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