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Sanatan Dharm, being very old, the meaning of lot of information that it has, actually got changed with the passage of time. The reason could be that over large period of time, the society and the Gurus preaching religion did not had had the knowledge about the subject matter, resulting in distortion, or all together change in the meaning.
There are lots of such subjects, and they should be discussed; but here we will concentrate on Concept of Kamdev.
What exactly is Kamdev?

Sanatan Dharm calls everything that exists on this mother earth in harmony with nature as ‘Devtas’ , and those attributes which cause disharmony as ‘Asurs’. For example air (air, as we accept and understand is a Devta), which when gets polluted, we can say that Air Devta is getting defeated by Asurs, because the acceptable composition of air gets changed because of pollution or ‘Asurs’.

So Kamdev is a Devta; a Devta of LOVE and DESIRE, which causes on this earth:
1. Eroticism…......कामुकता, प्रेमासक्ती
2. Amorousness…कामुकता, वासना, आसक्ति
3. Sensuality….....कामुकता, विषयासक्ति, विषय भोग
4. sexuality...........कामुकता, लैंगिता
5. lasciviousness...कामुकता
6. carnalism...........दैहिकता, कामुकता, सांसारिकता
And all this is necessary for nature to expand by way of plants, vegetation, and land and sea life.

Remember one thing; all of us accept and understand that the above attributes can be both positive and negative, but here we are only discussing the positive effect of these attributes.

The above simply explains and defines Kamdev. But that was not the purpose of writing this post.

This post is written to understand and put in public domain certain information, which needs further research for the purpose of survival of Humanity and nature.

We know that Hindu Religious texts, some of which are known as Purans are history, though coded, and they contain lot of scientific facts still undeciphered. Some of these relate to astronomy. 

Some of the Purans contain details of how Devtas desired that Lord Shiv who was in Samadhi(deep meditation), should come out of this Samadhi so that after a long period when earth was virtually lifeless and flooded with over risen sea, earth should now witness once again multiple facet of nature, including land and sea life. 

But for that Lord Shiv was required to come out of Deep Samadhi. And for that Devtas asked Kamdev to spread his attributes all around the place where Shiv was mediating, and the assignment of Kamdev was clear, get Lord Shiv out of Samadhi. He spread his attributes all around but with no result, he then physically disturbed Lord Shiv, who angrily opened His third eye and burned Kamdev. On hearing of this Ratti, wife of Kamdev came running, begged Lord Shiv for mercy, and Lord Shiv obliged by granting her boon that Kamdev would live without body till the END of Dwaper Yug; and that Pradyuman son of Lord Krishna would be an incarnation of Kamdev, and then Ratti could have Kamdev with body.

As earlier said, some meaning got distorted, and some was deliberately distorted by vested interest by stating that Supreme God Shiv got angry and "BURNT" kamdev. SHIV NEVER gets angry. HE is a perfect YOGI and VAIRAIGEE . 

How can SHIV ever get angry? 

So the fact that Kamdev was suitably AWARDED for his effort by SHIV was distorted. Kamdev was released from the prison of physical body, so that Kamdev CAN ACCELERATE HIS EFFORTS FOR EXPANSION OF NATURE & LIFE. 

This fact , i.e. acceleration of nature could have been understood more easily IF the correct information had been allowed to reach society, but that is still not happening.

Now let us understand this with Hindu Cyclic theory of evolution. Remember all the research and excavation are of little use until and until the scientific world accepts the cyclic theory of Evolution. Because Hindu Cyclic theory of Yugs accepts that evolution brings in growth and civilizations which prosper and then perish, and the process is cyclic. 

Hindus cyclic theory of Yugs consists of different period and divisions, which is as follows:
Satyug, =4 D
Treta yug, =3 D
Dwaper Yug =2 D
Kalyug =1 D
Antaral =2 D 
Total =12D, where D is the division of time ranging from 125 thousand years to 375 thousand years and requires more extensive research, to establish the exact period.
Please note that Satyug is the start of the process of Evolution after the earth has recharged itself during the ‘Antaral’ or in-between period when is earth is flooded by sea water, and is lifeless and earth gets recharged.

One thing is obvious; just as we have an astronomical definition of year, Yugs too require astronomical definitions, which perhaps seem to have been lost and need reconstruction through research. Some information is however available.
1. The moon’s nodes stop working (or should one say-DIE) towards the end of Kalyug, thereby stopping the churning of sea, and even forcing the sea life to perish and die.
2. Moon’s node start working again after Lord Shiv comes out of Samadhi at the start of Satyug..[Note Moon’s nodes are Rahu & Ketu, as Hindus understand this].
3. Looks obvious (though NOT certain) that moon’s node would change speed after every D or Division of time, but neither Sanskrit scholars have done any research nor scientist around the world.
4. However one thing is certain and known; about 5000 years earlier, during the world war that we know of as Mahabharat, extraordinary powerful weapons were used, including nuclear warheads and some of these were used by opposing armies on moon to destroy enemy targets. This forced moon’s node to change the speed.
5. There need to be, perhaps other astronomical parameters to define in full the Yugs.
Now the reason for writing this post!

What exactly is the meaning of granting body to Kamdev, which is towards the end of Dwaper Yug, or to be more precise at the end of Mahabharat war?

Does it mean that the positive attributes that is Kamdev would start getting RESTRICTED, as Kamdev who was earlier engulfing the entire earth, being free and bodyless would now be restricted? 

My answer is YES!

Kamdev, now from the start of Kalyug would be restrictive in its positive attributes, slowly SHRINKING the nature and this would continue till the end of Kalyug, when the moon’s node too, would die, ending this civilization.

But even then Kamdev would live, very much restricted though, and would allow some life to survive. 

Now, whatsoever is being said in this post is getting support from physical realities and information as available now.

Is it not incumbent for the scientific community to research extensively the Yug theory of Hindus and find out the astronomical parameters of the same?


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