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Remember Sanatan Dharm is for prosperity and progress of entire humanity and certainly not for exploitation. 
The sad part is that Hindu Society is being exploited by Dharmic Gurus/preachers for the last 65 years.
Mahabharat was a WORLD WAR, which totally destroyed the civic structure on which the then world was built and depended on.
It was HIGHLY ADVANCED Society, much more sophisticated then we could ever achieve, even after a couple of hundred years or so, if not more.

Winning world war is and could never be an emotional issue, and yet our Dharm gurus are telling us just that, so that Hindu Society remains PASSIVE. We need lot of answers about this World War and also on historical/geographical/political conditions immediately before start of WW.
Lot of  questions need to be answered.
Why Shri Krishna left Mathura and settled in Dwarika? Why He provided forces to Kauravs and fought from the side of Pandavs with a promise not to use arms?
Our Dharm Gurus would provide emotional answers to this question, but never a physical one, which could improve the mentality of Hindu Samaj. The more serious problem, of course is that persons in Hindu Society are NOT asking these questions from Dharm Gurus.

Here in this blog you are going to get answers to all your physical questions; questions which are necessary to understand Mahabharat and Dharm for which Shri Vishnu incarnated as Shri Krishna. Please read Mahabharat from our blog.
You can start from these two posts:

However you need to appreciate the intensity and magnitude of this world war and keep that in mind to move forward.

The area of world war was not limited or confined to any one place, and it was not possible either, with the amount of sophisticated weapon of mass destruction used, notable amongst them nuclear and chemical weapons. Anticipating this some areas were mutually declared protected, and Kurushetra was one of them. Kurushetra was used as war-time camps for top commanders and think tank of both sides, and some distinguished ladies were also staying there, chief among them were Maharani Gandhari, Kunti, and Draupadi. 
Repeat: Kurushetra was protected area where very limited war was fought.
So was Dwarika which was officially supporting both sides and as such was protected. 
One can get some idea of the severity of this WW, by understanding that even after the end of war, and in a fit of rage, Ashwasthama activated chemical weapon to destroy present and future pregnancies of all females. Post Mahabharat, the world stood totally crippled, almost directionless, because of the intensity of damages, loss of lives, destruction of civil and social set up, and NO economic activities  
Yudhishtir royal linage ended after only 2 generation, the first being Parikshit and the second Janamejaya the son of Parikshit. It was King Janamejaya, who felt that it was only appropriate to destroy all know-how about technology and sophisticated advanced know how, in the famous FIRE-YAGYA called Maha Sarp Yagya, so that the world would at least now have had an opportunity to come up on its own and rediscover itself.
How long the world war lasted?

On this issue, different people have different views. Some say it lasted for 18 years, yet others say it lasted for 18 months and yet there are few who say it lasted for 18 days. Considering the sophistication and severity of weapons used, 18 months looks to be the correct answer. Yes there are people who believe and maintain that the war was fought on alternative day, but this could be discussed later. 
Eighteen months is what we are also accepting.
Just to end, some thought on sophistication and severity of destruction:

Space ships and space stations were extensively used in this war. Abhimanyu created havoc during the famous Chakravyuh war. War stations on moon were destroyed by using advanced and powerful weapons which even changed the speed with which moon changed its own axis of rotation, resulting in solar eclipse getting advancedThis is evident when Arjun killed Jayadrath.

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I am writing how problems, faced by Indian people can be sorted out by revival of Hindu Religion.