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As discussed in earlier posts, one thing is absolutely clear that Mahabharat was the First World War, and secondly that prior to Mahabharat, the MAIN civilization that existed all over the world was the Aryan Civilization, with India as centre. There are evidence which suggests that this civilization was extremely advanced and that outer space was used both for civil and defense purpose. Sufficient talks of Mahabharat era spaceship can be heard.
Though Mahabharat war is about 5000 years old, all the ancient civilization of the world talk of the Great Flood, about 7000 years earlier, which devastated the world, and as per history available in Puraans, there was subsequently serious shortage of females. 

Perhaps the floods were the effects of the ‘green house affect’ i.e. total global warming because of emission of polluting gas, which were not getting neutralized. Something similar is happening now, and if the scientific community is to be believed, we are heading for another extraordinary flood. 

Yes the world was scientifically developed then and floods were the means of nature to bring back the balance. How long the flood was, is not known, but it was devastative and engulfed the entire world. My assessment is that though the civil and structural damages were extensive the flood did not trouble the world for more than a hundred years or so. The result was scientific knowledge and technical know-how was not lost and the world started recovering faster as the population post floods, was relatively much less.

Yet this brought in new problems, the problem of successful progeny. Increase in further population became difficult and alarming. The scientific community managed significant progress in genetic engineering and human cloning, and later human farming.

For that they needed laboratories in exact controlled conditions, and also for initial human farming of embryo, so that subsequent work, i.e. growth of the embryo can be done in other part of the world. The Pyramids, as they are called now, were built for that purpose. Everyone agrees that it was a MUCH MORE DEVELOPED AND SOPHISTICATED CIVILIZATION that took up and completed the construction of Pyramids.
Repeat; Pyramids were sophisticated Laboratories and manufacturing units required for INITIATING first stage of human farming, where embryo was developed. Resurrection of humans was much later thought off.
Though the world then had only one dominating civilization, that was Aryan civilization, enough papers, and evidence has been presented by various scholars that early Egyptians were settlers from Malabar region of India. Read: a) Indian Origin of Egyptian Civilization, b) Hindu Wisdom-India and Egypt
Excavation of ancient sites in Egypt has firmly established Indian link. Even the ancient Egypt festivals bore resembelence to indians festivals. Please read this Link: The Opet Festival of Ancient Egypt: Has it been derived from the Jagannatha Rathyatra of Puri, India?
Apart from this enough proof exists of trade from India to the Europe and other parts of Africa. Most of this trade was through Egypt and historians do affirm that Egypt was the connecting Link between India and Europe at least.
Jai Shri Krishna !!!

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