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Hindus are being exploited by Dharm-Gurus, by denying flexibility ensured in the historical texts of Avatars. Educated, informed society is to be told history of Avatars without supernatural powers
This is a serious problem needing close attention, discussion and solution too. Remember one thing; for exploitation of any society, the only possible way for religious leaders in any place, anywhere in the world is to convince the society that what they are preaching is as per the respective holy books, and it has to be accepted, with no room for dissent. With a lot of ambiguity and jugglery of words, they will also intimate that this is as per religious text, and that we NEED NOT have the current society as reference point. This is EXPLOITATION. There is NO other word for this. Every religion has reasonable flexibility to ensure that it takes care of the changing demands of the current society. 
But here we are talking of Sanatan Dharm, the oldest religion of the world. Sanatan Dharm has flexibility to take care of every need of the society. It has seen several cycles of good, bad and worst period for society under it. It knows how to deal with such situations. Just see how easily flexibility is obtained in Sanatan Dharm. 
Now, we will talk about Ramayan. Till independence, the Hindu Society was uneducated and was not in a position to appreciate the scientific development of Treta Yug during Ramayan. So we were told that Shri Ram avatar signifies victory of good over evil and that killing of demon King Ravan signifies this. We still celebrate Dusherra as a victory of good over evil by burning the effigy of Ravan.
But the real Dharm are more appropriate to the need of current Hindu Society. WE know that God takes Avatar as and when the Adharm increases to unmanageable proportion. During Treta Yug and one can call Shri Ram Era, two avatars were required, one after another as the problems were extremely serious. And manipulation and exploitation of Hindu society is being carried out by NOT clubbing the historical details of the Avatars, Shri Parashuram and Shri Ram together. Since they were present almost at the same time, one after another, the real Dharm could be known by clubbing the historical details of these two avatars. Once we will do that we will understand that the real reason for ADHARM becoming UNMANAGEABLE were as follows:
1) Exploitation of females using Dharm as a tool. Shri Ram declared Agni Pariksha as Adharm before ‘disowning’ Sita.
2) Vaanars the evolved humans with tail from Satyug onwards were NEVER accepted as humans by humans who came into this Mahayug from earlier Mahayug with Manu.These humans established settlements later called kingdoms. Read: HINDU HISTORY... START OF A NEW KALP

3) To establish RAM-RAJYA.
‘When the society is less developed, and scientific growth is negligible, or in the primary stage, the presentation of Avatars and history of the period of avatars is with characters having supernatural powers. This allows increase in emotional content of preached Dharm, ensuring that society has absolute faith in God and that the society understands that the redressed of all problems lies in worshipping God, who is eager to help those who remember/worship HIM. Obviously the REAL Dharm established by Avatars is NOT told to that society.
An example is that during serious survival crisis faced by humanity all over the world, immediately after Mahabharat war, the emotional content of the religion was increased, and this was further increased during 1000 years of slavery, so that Hindu Society could keep its head down and survive the severe pressure of conversion. During this time the society was told that the main reason for Avatar of Shri Ram was to kill the demon king Ravan, though the actual reasons for avatar were as follows:
[The actual reasons would be obvious, only when we will accept Ramayan as History] 
1) To end atrocities on females, and ensure that draconian religious laws (Dharm) such as Agni Pariksha is declared as Adharm 
2) To ensure weaker section of people are provided rightful place. Vaanars were evolved humans, with tails who were not even recognized as humans by kingdoms and Shri Ram ensured them rightful place and equal status. 
3) To establish Ram RAJYA, a just rule of law with no exploitation. 
It is important to understand that one can appreciate REAL Dharm established by Avatar only without use of supernatural and miraculous powers. But why this is done and so designed?
One has to understand that Sanatan Dharm is the oldest Dharm, and is there from the start of civilization. A religion can survive that long only when it has flexibility of approach and that flexibility has been explained above.
Unfortunately after independence, Hindu Samaj had the capacity to appreciate and accept REAL Dharm established by Avatars, and that would have made the Hindu Society more proactive and participate in much better way in managing Hindu dominated India. But that has NOT happened and after independence emotional content has further been increased by the Dharmic Gurus, which could result in slavery once again.’
Please understand and appreciate that the real Dharm is very much required in today’s world more by India, and Hindu society. But that would end exploitation, improve Hindu Samaj, improve India’s image in the world. Yes the only losers will be EXPLOITERS of Hindu Samaj. 

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