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Mahabharat caused massive destruction, destroyed civilized life as existed then. Ramayan, Mahabharat MUST reach universities for exhaustive information and studies for survival of humanity~~The study as history, would provide relative information on scientific development during Ramayan period, as compared to the growth and development during Mahabharat
Ramayan is history of a period of Treta Yug and is important to understand this history for various reasons. It is history of a period when two Avatars, one after another were required to arrest the self-destructive path humanity was moving then. The same is the case with Mahabharat. Mahabharat too had several mention of Parashuram avatar and His presence is recorded in several episodes. So here again there were supposedly two avatars one after another, i.e. first Lord Parashuram, and then Lord Krishna. 
Whether one believes Shri Ram and Lord Krishna to be incarnation of god, or avatars as we say, is not important, but the history of that period is extremely important for humans. It provides reasons as to how humanity moves towards self destructive path when the society is scientifically developed, and how difficult it becomes to arrest and reverse this trend.

There are also very interesting comparisons to be made. When we will be making this study as history, we will need to understand the extent of scientific development during the period of Shri Ram and compare the same with the growth and development story during Mahabharat.

This becomes more important in the specific context of today’s world, when the scientific community has started forecasting doom because of ‘greenhouse effect’. Some estimates of the scientists are really alarming. The earth would lose 30% or more of its area to sea, within the next 20 to 50 years, and with the existing population already causing concern, there could be chaos and destruction in that eventuality, threatening entire humanity. Know more about Greenhouse effect

Remember history also provides credible data on various subjects. Yes, at times like the ancient history of the period of Ramayan and Mahabharat, exact or approximate dates are not known, but even then the other information and the details would be extremely useful for humanity.

For example we now know for certain that the problem during Ramayan era was that though the world was scientifically advanced, there was serious exploitation of females, in which religion was also used. Secondly Vaanars, the evolved humans were not even recognized and accepted as humans by the civilized world. Having said that, we also need to appreciate that leaving Vaanars, all other humans during that period were descendents of older Mahayug or Kalp, whatsoever one chooses to say. And that was barbarianism in which, the so called ‘humanity’ was involved. Read: HISTORY OF TRETA YUG, RAMAYAN is COATED WITH MYTHS

On the other hand in the period precedent to Mahabharat, there was serious shortage of females. Genetic engineering and Human Cloning of the highest order were available. Pyramids were workshop/laboratories for future research. Yes, females too, were exploited, and there was a small section of population, which was classified as Vaanars, perhaps of the later evolution. Whether they had tails or not may not be easy to ascertain, with the amount of additions and subtractions in these Holy books (Granths). But that problem was not serious, though the problem was certainly there. 

The serious problem before Mahabharat was the division of humanity in two sections. Like the period of Ramayan humanity then too had two tribes; Rakshas, the human flesh eaters and Aryans the other humans. And there were other problems too, because of excessive scientific development, use of outer space for waging wars, genetic engineering and human cloning. No wonder then, that Mahabharat war was THE BIGGEST WORLD WAR humanity could and would ever face, without causing complete extinction of human race. The division for war was between those who were in favor of genetic engineering and human cloning, and others who wanted the natural process. Read: GENETIC ENGINEERING, HUMAN CLONING WAS THE REASON OF MAHABHARAT WAR

Mahabharat did, however, caused massive destruction, destroyed the entire civilized life as existed then, and almost brought the world back to the Stone Age. Sad but interesting and requires in-depth study for the future of humanity.

But to do that we need to ensure that Ramayan and Mahabharat, as ancient history, reach the universities. This is a MUST and an important step for future survival of humanity.

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