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परशराम युद्ध जीतने के लिए नहीं मारने ले लिए कर रहे थे, परन्तु इसके बाद भी सीमित अंकुश ही शोषण पर लग पाया, क्यूँकी शाषक और धार्मिक गुरु का इस शोषण मैं हाथ था| इश्वर को श्री राम के रूप मैं तुरंत दुबारा अवतरित होना पड़ा~~Parashuram ruthlessly killed the offenders, but achieved containment to a limited extend of these atrocities, as rulers and Dharmic gurus were also involved in this. Another Avatar as Ram was needed
Just think about it. Avatars come on this earth to make necessary corrections in the society. And history tells us that in Treta Yug, the situation was so terribly bad that two avatars were required, one after another. 
First came Lord Parashuram, with his fierce combative attitude, who wrecked havoc on the persons involved in atrocities on weaker section and females, and even ruthlessly killed the offenders, but the situation was so grim, that all that was achieved was containment to a limited extend of these atrocities, as rulers and Dharmic gurus were also involved in this.

Let us first understand the entire setup to understand what was happening. 
To understand all the issues involved, we have to understand the growth and development in that period. When we are talking of the growth and development in Treta Yug, we have to understand that the world witnessed after the dawn of Satyug, uninterrupted growth of civilization, of course, taking, natural calamities, disasters, wars into account, but which, unlike Mahabharat, never totally destroyed the civilization. So, one can say that the growth story was fairly uninterrupted from Satyug onwards. 

Obviously that means that there existed reasonable scientific growth also, which made the task of correction all the more challenging. Remember it is easy to make correction in a less developed society, and things do keep on becoming more difficult as the society develops, grows, and science and education starts playing a crucial role. 

What exactly was the scientific growth during the time of Parashuram avatar?
The growth must have been immense, and this gets supported from the fact that Shiv Dhanush, the weapon of Mass Destruction was arranged by Parashuram and was used as a threat to force and bring necessary corrections.

Assuming that Satyug spanned over a period of at least 5,00,000 years and Treta Yug witnessed another one to two lacs years of passage before Lord Parashuram took avatar, then science did get a period of development for about 5 to 6 lacs years. This development was certainly not without pain, as rich and the powerful were in a position to make/manipulate rules. Hindu History tells us that there were also, several periods when humans were ruled over by Rakshas, the human flesh eaters, so yes, there was growth, but there was turbulence also. Read: HINDU HISTORY... START OF A NEW KALP

The confusion exists because Hindu gurus are constantly making false claims that Satyug was the best Yug for humanity and Kalyug the worst, though Hindu history tells us just the opposite.

Satyug started with limited number of humans, who came from earlier Mahayug, after surviving the long transitional period. These humans were further sub divided into Rakshas, the human flesh eaters and Aryans, i.e., just the opposite of Rakshas. These people had brains, also knack of surviving in extreme adverse circumstances, and so the development did take place, and also the exploitation. Vaanars who slowly evolved as pure and new human race were called new species of monkeys and bears and were never recognized as humans. 

The exploitation was extremely severe. Power ruled and powerful could do no wrong. Females were abducted kept and then forced out with nowhere to go, as the earlier families would not take them back. Dharmic rules were such that it was extremely difficult for females. Even Sita was forced to give Agni Pariksha (though the intention of Shri Ram was to ensure declaration of Agni Pariksha as Adharm). On the other hand Vaanars were treated as animals traded and used as animals with, obviously no human rights. 

Most of the proofs had been eroded, but some exist. Even Parashuram father was humiliated; some say his head was cut off, taken away as trophy. And remember Parashuram father was a saint. On the other hand Parashuram father asked his sons to kill their mother. Yes the exploitation had religious sanctity. 

So the growth was there, but the growth story also had extreme pains. Exploitation of females and weaker section, like Vaanars, was serious. It is in this respect Parashuram pursuits are to be understood, and how he used weapon of mass destruction to threaten destruction, which ultimately resulted in reduction or control of exploitation. But that correction was not enough.

Vaanars were to be provided their place in human society, and females and everyone was to be provided equal opportunity to grow. This required Lord Vishnu to come as Shri Ram as avatar, and that too immediately.
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