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माता पिता के कर्तव्यों-क्षेत्र जीवन के हर पहलों को छूते हैं; इस दाइत्व को सफलतापूर्वक निभाने के लिए तह सोच आवश्यक है, की हम इश्वर का प्रतिनिधत्व कर रहे हैं| इश्वर का सबसे मधुर उपहार आपके परिवार को, एक शिशु का जन्म होता है~~Parental duties cover wide spectrum of life, and only as an agent of god, one can discharge such duties honestly. Birth of a child in a family is the sweetest gift of creation or god bestowed on you
Life tends to repeat the experiences one gets as one moves along, and one fails to understand how such experiences can be ignored when results totally support them.

Let us talk about children and their upbringing right from birth. Immediately after birth, the child is tender. There is also no way to communicate. So, all experience and expert advice is used to take care of the child. 

Now the child is over 6 months old. Still he cannot express his problemss, but he would cry if he is uncomfortable for whatsoever reason, and the parents have to ascertain what exactly is troubling him, and take remedial action. The only relief for parents is that they have started understanding some of his reasons for crying.

Now the child has grown a litter bigger, more than one year of age. He can walk but only precariously, but it is now easier to take care. Upbringing requires that he may be warned of certain dangers like fire, hot utensils, etc, and that is done and at times he has to be scolded for venturing too near the places forbidden for him.

The child has started understand and communicating with family members, others in the surroundings. He knows how to get what he wants from his mother and feels and believe that his father can solve all problems. In case if any of his toy is causing problem, he is sure his father could rectify it, or provide him something new, and till date this is how his live has moved on.

But today when his toy was not working, he approached his father. His father realized this toy is irreparable, and instead of diverting his attention by giving him something new, his father realized that it is now time to teach him an important lesson of life. “This toy cannot be repaired”, his father told him. Son could not believe this; he believed that his father can solve all his problems. And then he started to cry. Father let him cry. His father knew he was now learning a very important lesson of life that his father was not god and that his father cannot solve all his problems. 

Now the boy has started going to school and the parents have different responsibilities than the previous ones. The teaching now was being taken care of,  by the school, and in case of any problem/deficiency, he was also attending coaching class. Advice and generally talking with him regarding his experience in school and making it more convenient was all that was needed. 

The boy then slowly moved up to adolescence and then youth, all requiring different set of responsibility for parents. As young man the responsibility of parents are totally different. He now should be independent and take his own decisions. He does has some emotional relation with his mother but with his father the relation is limited to exchanging of greeting and on very rare occasions discussing some problems.

And this cycle continues and can be seen in every family, generation after generation. One can visualize that the parental duties cover wide spectrum of life as we know, and one must accept that he or she is an agent of god to discharge such duties honestly. After all the birth of a child in a family is the sweetest gift of creation/god bestowed on you.
The other reason for writing this post was that a child needs different care when he/she is tender/started walking, growing up to be a boy/girl, and all together different in adolescence and when he or she has grown up to a fully fledged youth. Similar is the case of slave, uneducated, uninformed society, society which is growing up, and society which has now reasonably grown. 

One will appreciate none of the parents ever think of performing parental duties for the sake of exploitation of the child when he grows up. Similarly for the society, the religious preachers do have almost similar roles. They have to allow the society to grow and become responsible. Just for a tender child to a fully grown youth the emotional content keeps on reducing and physical content keeps on increasing, so is the case with societies. 

Hindu society was tender or slave earlier, where the emotional content of religion was high, very high indeed. After independence that was required to be reduced, but instead of reducing the same, it was increased to an extremely dangerous level, so that society could become slave once again. And this is being done by our Dharm gurus and religious preachers, which is resulting in serious exploitation of society.
We all need to act, ask question regarding this, before it is too late.
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