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कृप्या शालीनता के मानको मैं बदलाव और हेरफेर करके अग्नि परीक्षा से जो महिलाओं के साथ बर्बरता हो रही थी, उसको समझाने का प्रयास न करें| समाज ऐसे सब स्पस्टीकरण अस्वीकार करता रहा है~~Do not shift standards of decency by explaining away the BARBARISM associated with Agni Pariksha to prove a lady's chastity, character. Public rejects these explanations and Ram bashing continues
We are regularly receiving queries as to how can we ignore the ‘safe keeping’ of Sita by Agni Dev, and subsequent return of Sita by Agni Dev during the so called Agni Pariksha of Sita. Further it is argued that Shri Ram performed Raj Dharm by disowning Sita because of widespread dissatisfaction among the general public of Ayodhya. This, it is pointed out, is unparallel example of respect and honor provided to the wishes of public. I TOTALLY DISAGREE.
The problem here is we are mixing lot of things. The myth associated with history to explain away the scientific development of that time, by providing supernatural and miraculous powers to the characters of Ramayan. We are also shifting our standards of fair play and decency by trying to explain away the BARBARISM associated with Agni Pariksha of a lady to prove her chastity and character. And once we do that, the public by large rejects these explanations and quite correctly too, and Ram bashing continues. The only solution is to accept Ramayan as history and end distortion of physical events. Once this is done Ramayan becomes more simple to understand, and finds its due place of importance in today’s world. The post Agni Pariksha of Sita..Facts accept Ramayan as History.
No, we cannot change our standards of decency, as the public will NOT let you do that, and secondly we do not need that. We are doing a great disservice to Lord Ram and Mata Sita by shifting the standards of decency. We must trust or restore our faith that Shri Ram and Mata Sita were seriously interested in the welfare of humanity, more so of females and weaker sections. In fact their presence as Avatars was to bring required corrections in the human society, so that females and weaker section of society like Vaanars could get a decent and respectable place in the society which was denied till then. 
Remember Shri Ram DID NOT take Avatar to kill Ravan, No that was the emotional story build after providing supernatural powers to characters of Ramayan for the less informed societies like the one we had earlier before independence. Ramayan clearly states that Ravan could be killed by humans and Vaanars, so why should Shri Ram take avatar to kill him? 
The reasons for Shri Ram avatar were as follows
  1. To ensure smooth transition of Vaanars in the main stream of Human Society, by ending stiff resistance of people living in kingdoms, who till now had refused to accept Vaanars as humans.  VAANARS were being treated as animals. 
  2. End serious atrocities on females, and provide them with decent living conditions. Females were forcibly abducted, abused, and then religion would ensure their exploitation by accepting back only those females who could pass the dreadful Agni Pariksha test. Is there not enough evidence in Ramayan to this effect? The only way this exploitation could have ended was by declaring Agni Pariksha as ADHARM. And that was exactly Shri Ram and Mata Sita did. In a FAIR trial in Ayodhya, Sita could not produce any physical evidence that she DID NOT go on her own free will with Ravan. The only evidence she could provide was her passing the dreadful Agni Pariksha test. Because Agni Pariksha had religious sanctity, the evidence was deemed credible and sufficient. Yet Ram REJECTED the result of Agni Pariksha, and declared that only physical evidence could be accepted. Agni Pariksha was DECLARED as ADHARM, but Sita had to suffer, because she had no physical credible evidence to prove that she was abducted. 
  3. To establish Ram Rajya, an equal opportunity rule of law, which were FAIR and JUST to one and all? Such rule of law DO NOT support appeasement by disowning ones wife for the sake of staying in power.
Now, these are the facts which had been distorted by use of supernatural powers assigned to characters of Ramayan.
I would welcome your comments on how today’s Dharmic gurus want us to accept Agni Pariksha and ‘safe keeping’ of Sita supposedly by Agni Dev. I am providing mine:
  1. Shri Ram BLESSED abduction of Sita by asking Agni Dev to keep real Sita, and provide Chaya(shadow) of Sita instead. My comment: No my Ram was NOT a hypocrite.
  2. Shri Ram called Agni dev to take custody of Sita in total privacy, when even Lakshman was not there, but asked for Agni Pariksha in front of entire army to facilitate return of real Sita by fire. My comment: if that was the case, Shri Ram was ensuring exploitation of females, and totally unacceptable, and ridiculous.
  3. Shri Ram disowned Sita because a laundry man (dhobi) was overheard protesting about ‘Sita being accepted back, after staying with Ravan’. My comment: No you could not have had Ram Rajya, a fair and just rule of law, if Sita was not eligible for a FAIR trial. Sita could only have been disowned through a fair trial. Secondly we all know that rule of law requires rumor mongerers to be ignored, and NOT APPEASED. Finally we all know that Ram never personally accepted that Sita could be guilty of any misadventure. He was also NOT hungry for power or position. At least that is what I believe in. Then why did he not abdicate the throne, in case the dissent was large? The fact is Shri Ram and Mata Sita were doing their duty as Avatar to declare Agni Pariksha as Adharm, and for that they both suffered immensely.
Remember history requires and accepts physical facts only, and not emotional statements.

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