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क्या महाशिवरात्रि आम आदमी की शादी के लिए शुभ तिथि है ?
DEVON KE DEV –MAHADEV has shown marriage of Lord Shiv with Goddess Parvati. The marriage was to be performed on the auspicious occasion of MAHASHIVRATRI. The question this post will attempt to answer is ‘whether Mahashivratri is an auspicious tithi for marriage?’
First let us understand some basic rules for finding auspicious tithis. Auspiciousness cannot be decided in isolation, it is linked with event. Marriage is linked with future well being and prosperity of married couple. It is important that both male and female find harmonious compatibility and future well being as per the astrological chart of the marriage time. 

In astrology, all physical affects are provided by Moon, and the first rule is to find tithi when Moon is strong. Moon is generally strongest on full moon day and its strength gets proportionately reduced as it moves toward Amavasya or New Moon day. As such Moon on 13th or 14th tithi of dark fortnight is very close to Amavasya or New Moon day and only a tiny crescent of Moon is visible. Auspiciousness, as per Vedanta Jyotish, requires that moon must be at least 60 deg. away from sun, i.e. it should not have crossed 10th tithi of dark fortnight.

Once we have determined that there is reasonable auspiciousness being showered from Moon, we move to the next step; to find how the other planets would improve the auspiciousness of the elected date of marriage. Since here we are only concerned with the planets that decide the date for “celebrating the festival, i.e., Mahashivratri “, our concern is only with Sun and Moon., as Mahashivratri is celebrated on 13th, 14th tithi of dark fortnight, when the Sun is in Aquarius, and Moon is in Capricorn, with the rider that tithi should preferably be 14th provided there is a crescent of moon visible immediately during the first few hours of the next morning; in case this is not possible then 13th tithi is selected. 

The reason being, that devotees worship Lord Shiv and Mata Parvati throughout the night and prefer to physically view the moon on the next morning immediately after Mahashivratri. And if one wonders why Muslims start there month after physically viewing the new moon , the reason is the age old tradition of viewing the LAST CRESCENT of MOON on the next morning after Shivratri and Mahashivratri .

Now we have to understand the significance of Zodiac sign (or Rashi in Sanskrit; Khumbh and Makar), Aquarius and Capricorn.

Aquarius is where the Sun is on Mahashivratri day. On Mahashivratri day it symbolizes Lord Shiv. Capricorn is where the Moon is, and it symbolizes Mata Parvati. Aquarius is represented by empty, “unbaked” earthen pot. The immediate idea that one gets is that of VAIRAAG or total disenchantment from worldly pleasures. Worldly pleasures or losses are meaningless to such person. The second powerful idea one gets is of ‘ABJECT POVERTY’. Lord Shiv does not have a cottage of his own to live in. 

Capricorn is where Mars gets exalted. Mars gives result by ‘RENUNCIATION’. A very rich Princess, Mata Parvati renounces all worldly wealth to marry Lord Shiv

Mahashivratri for marriage for general public is certainly NOT an auspicious tithi.

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