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राक्षस प्रजाति अभी भी पृथ्वी पर है !
This post should have read "WHY ARE WE NOT CONTACTING SUCCESSORS OF VIBHISHEN NOW", but preferred by author as above.
Vibhishen was the youngest brother of Ravan, who received a boon from Brahma that he would enjoy life till the end of Kalp. Since this blog does not believe in Supernatural or Miraculous powers, it means that Rakshas Tribe will live till the end of the Kalp.

After the defeat of Ravan, Vibhishen was coroneted King of Lanka. Being an ardent devotee of Shri Ram, and worshipper of Shri Vishnu, Vibhishen was a friend of all human races. Although, belonging to rakshas tribe by birth, he was committed to growth and development of human races. This was in sharp contradiction to the behavior of all rakshas kings till the defeat and death of Ravan. Rakshas being eaters of human flesh were not contributors in the growth and development of human races.

But old habits die hard. Rakshas had exploited human races for thousands of years, or, perhaps for lakhs of years. Vibhishen was making serious, but futile efforts to change such habits. The desired results were not forthcoming. He decided to shift to Pataal Lok. The earlier king of rakshas, Bali had already entered into an agreement with Vaaman (an avatar of Lord Vishnu) that rakshas can stay in Pataal Lok. Vibhishen knew that it would be easier to change the habits of rakshas tribe in case they settled at some far off place, away from human tribe settlements. He shifted to Pataal Lok.

Some wonder whether the MAYAN CIVILIZATION is actually the civilization of MAYAVI PEOPLE (Rakshas Tribe). The Mayan civilization is located around the Gulf of Mexico and is just opposite the Indian subcontinent i.e. if one drills a hole (taking centre of the earth as midpoint) right through the earth from Central, Eastern or Southern India, the other end of the hole would take you there.

And we know that Vibhishen did shift to Pataal Lok ie on the other side of the globe opposite to the Indian subcontinent. Knowledgeable people who have studied the Mayan culture and civilization feel it has originated from India and Tibet. Whether it is some coincidence or connection to settlements there, this part of the world has witnessed some strange catastrophic events, including disappearance of ships and airplanes on several occasions.

As said earlier, Vibhishen, his successors, are friend of all human races, and could be helpful to us in all our non military pursuits.People say that there history is intact.

Establishing contact with Vibhishen's successors would decide, once and for ever that Ramayan has its roots in ancient Indian history. Scientific growth for the welfare of humanity will move much faster and the world would be a better place to live in.
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