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EARTH CORE IS MADE UP OF TWO METEORITES OR ASTEROIDS...The ancient history of Hindus, popularly known as Puraans very clearly states that the earth core is made up of the then two active meteorites. 
Metorites, some will say, are too small for this. Agreed, meteorite here could mean any thing from broken planet to partly formed planet. The idea is to get the real message across.
They were born from the dirt and wax of the ears of Lord Vishnu. 
If symbolism associated with this coded history text is to be deciphered, we can straight away say that these meteorites were formed in the vast floating ocean of lava and subsequently they entered the swirling area of ocean from there they got launched into space. 
They were called Madhu and Kaitabh. The swirling area from where they were launched is described as EARS.

Those were early days for our solar system. These meteorites kept on moving in ecliptic orbit for a few thousand years when in a dense gas layer, they slowed down collided and got coupled. Later on moving around, they gathered more material which formed the outer layer of earth.
Note: There is a school of thought who puts more emphasis of technicalities rather than the description of events. Meteorites are objects which crash on earth surface and asteroids are smaller planets moving around the solar system they object~~~~~~~~~~CALL IT ANY THING, meaning must be understood by common man.

This information is a must for all Hindu students of Geology, but that is not happening because of the joint EXPLOITATION being carried on by Sanskrit scholars and Dharm gurus for keeping the mentality of Hindu Society slavish. 

The ancient Hindu texts, Puraans, apart from being ancient history from the start of the creation of universe, also want the followers of Sanatan Dharm to have faith in God. Secondly Sanatan Dharm is timeless, very ancient. And, at several times the civilization did not, and in future too, may not have the capacity or inclination to understand all these. So coded language is used, and is left like that for the current followers to decipher. If one literally translates text about this event, from any Puraan, one will get a story which will tell you how Lord Vishnu, who takes care of the entire creation and NEVER creates anything as that is the job of Lord Brahma, is sleeping on the eternal ‘Sheer Sagar’, when out of the wax from the ears of Lord Vishnu, two ‘Asurs’ are created who keep on roaming around. Lord Brahma comes out of the body of Lord Vishnu, sitting on a lotus, and he feels threatened from the Asurs who are named Madhu and Kaitabh.

Lord Brahma prays and manages to wake Shri Vishnu, who fights with these Asurs for several thousand of years, but could not win. He then cajoles these Asurs and extracts a promise for a boon. For the boon to be granted, Lord Vishnu demanded that Asurs should get now ensuring their own killing. Having made the promise the Asurs acceded, and lord Vishnu killed them.

Now the above story very clearly brings out several things. First Sanatan Dharm believes in evolution, and as such lord Vishnu, the supreme God could not win. If we the Hindus have had faith in creation, lord Vishnu would have won in seconds. Remember creation takes place in no time, but evolution is a natural process which takes time, lot of time. The presence of god simply wants the believers to understand that the birth of earth is blessed by both lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma.

Madhu and Kaitabh were active meteorites, which the story tells were killed by lord Vishnu. What does it signifies. Simply that they got coupled and after that activities got drastically reduced.

This story also tells us that solar system took thousands of years to take shape..and that it is evolution which is the guiding force in the growth of this universe and certainly not creation.

You may like to read the Hindi Version:
पुराण बताते हैं पृथ्वी जन्मी दो अत्यधिक सक्रिय उल्का के मिलन और स्थिरता से

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