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Maryada means the noblest tradition of that time. Maryada Purushottam can only be discussed in purely historical context after discussing several Maryada of that time. Yet our DharmGurus have managed to inform society why Ram is Maryada Purushottam without discussing a single Maryada. How much more slavish our society could get, and how much more dirty the exploitation would be?
Below we will try to understand the meaning of Maryada, Maryada Purush and Maryada Purushottam, and since history is narrative, it should be easy and we will find out why Shri Ram is called Maryada Purushottam.
Maryada is a Sanskrit word who’s meaning today one can easily find in Google search. So let us not MANIPULATE the meaning of the word Maryada.
Maryada means the finest and noblest traditions of that period. And ‘traditions’ develop within a human society, and as such Maryada is a part of human society and have nothing to do with God or Godliness. One more thing, person who follows ALL the Maryada of their time will be called MARYADAPURUSH, and certainly NOT Maryada Purushottam.
Then who is Maryada Purushottam?
Maryada Purushottam is the jury’s verdict on ‘A HUMAN CHARACTER’ of that time with specific reference as to why he is the ‘tallest’ amongst all persons following Maryada ; i.e. it is YOURS and MINE verdict. However you and I will not necessarily reject a person from being nominated as Maryada Purushottam in case he has not followed a specific Maryada or even broken it in case we feel that the reason for that makes him even TALLER.
The first thing we have to understand is that emotional answers are NO ANSWERS. Those answers are there to DECEIVE the masses. Understandably the persons who are giving such answers are exploiters, but why are we, as members of Hindu Society getting exploited?
One reason of course is that our conviction is NOT strong enough to BELIEVE and ACCEPT that Shri Ram was a human incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Hindu society is passive and would say that Ramayan is history of Treta Yug and in the same breath accept explanations from Dharm Gurus with supernatural powers. BOTH CANNOT GO TOGETHER.

Ramayan is history of Treta Yug and none of the characters had had supernatural powers. Once we reaffirm our faith Dharm Gurus will be forced to accept that Ramayan and Mahabharat are history, and only then the scientific development of that period would reach universities for further research.

POORN Avatar or should we avatars from cradle to cremation are required only when the scientific growth is immense, at least much more than what we have today. We are not witnessing any avatar, during this period, because the problems now, though serious are not un-resolvable. The problem on atrocities on females and new human species Vaanars was extremely serious and volatile, and that is why in Treta Yug we had two avatars, one after another.

I will be discussing four Maryada as historical events to get at the jury’s verdict about Maryada Purushottam.

The first event we are discussing is dismantling of Shiv Dhanush, the Weapon of mass destruction.

The decision to dismantle Shiv Dhanush (weapon of mass destruction) was taken by Vishvamitr, Janak and Ravan along with Shri Ram immediately after the killing of Tadka. For detail information, please read this post  RAMAYAN AND HISTORY
Please be informed that you cannot pass jury’s verdict on Maryada Purushottam, without going through lot of evidence, and as such you are requested to open the links of post(s) mentioned here and then decide.
Now King Janak had already informed everyone that dismantler of Shiv Dhanush would be awarded with Sita’s hand in marriage in a SWAMBER to be organized for this purpose and, as it happened Sita and Ram fell in love before this event. So, Maryada or no Maryada, Ram should immediately had dismantled Shiv Dhanush and claimed Sita’s hand. But Ram did no such thing. Both lovers kept on waiting and hoping that no one else would be able to do this. 

How negative for Maa Lakshmi and Lord Vishnu to do that as Sita and Ram, but that is what they did to follow the Maryada and royal Dharm of their time. RAMAYAN AND HISTORY tells us that this swamber was an official endorsement of an accord for peace in the world and to provide relief to the new human tribe Vaanar. The start of the event did technically endorse the accord by the participating nations. Then again this question, why did the lovers kept on waiting jeopardizing their chances?

Ram was one of the signatories of the accord so he had to ensure that participating royalties do get a chance to win Sita’s hand and that was, and perhaps even today is the RAJ Dharm or Maryada for royalties. So he had to be the last person.

Now we will be discussing another Maryada, which was really painful. How Ram engineered his banishment to forest.

RAMAYAN AND HISTORY tells you the fine details of accord and that Ram was already committed to stay in forest for 14 years to educate Vaanars about civics. Ram wanted to do this immediately but was not getting any support from his family. It was because of this that Dasrath took this route of asking for coronation of Ram as Yuvraj when even Bharat was away; giving a very poor reason that he wanted to utilize a very auspicious muhurat for this coronation. Ram could have refused, but prince and princess have their own set of Maryada, which are the same even today, and a royal favor already known to public at large is not meant to be refused. So he asked for help from his FAVOURITE mother, Read: KAEKAI AND RAM

Please ask questions but accept one fact; Ramayan can provide lot of Dharm relevant and very much required today, but because of the attitude of Dharm Gurus the same is being denied.

Leaving smaller Maryada aside let us move straight to person to person fight between Bali and Sugrive, where Ram decisively interfered from outside and killed Bali. This is one Maryada which is very much valid even today, yet Ram decided to ignore it and intervene, why?

I will directly quote from the post below because as it is you have to read it.

‘Now the big question? Why a Prince, a King, a Kshatriya, broke the existing Maryada by INTERFERING DECISIVELY in a man to man combat? 

'Such things are unpardonable even today. 

‘Please remember Ram had a better option of calling Ayodhya forces, yet because he wanted that Vaanars should get equal place in the society, he wanted Vaanar Sena. Ram knew if he won the battle against Ravan with the help of Vaanar Sena, it would be far easier for him to bring Vaanars into the mainstream. 

‘Secondly it was his duty to make Vaanar Samaj realize that such primitive rules, like a dual to decide who would keep the woman, only favored the powerful. 

‘Ram was certainly NOT gaining anything personally by killing Bali in such a fashion. And that is the reason why Ram is called Maryadapurushottam.

‘A person who follows Maryadas of his time is called Maryada Purush. But a person who goes beyond that, and breaks the existing Maryada SOLELY for the sake of Humanity and nation building, is called MARYADA-PURUSHOTTAM.’
But persons of royal linage are expected to follow Maryada of their time, then and even today.BREAKING MARYADA, EVEN FOR GREAT REASONS DO NOT GO WELL .
Ram’s decisive interference made him realize this. So after complete victory over Ravan, Ram decided to follow the Maryada of his time and ask Sita for Agni Pariksha. Whether to abolish Agni Pariksha which had religious acceptance, or because he was no longer in a position to ignore any more Maryada, is difficult to say, but it was a painful decision, because Ram loved Sita very much. 

I feel Ram and Sita ignored personal pains and dramatized disownment of Sita even after Agni Pariksha, so that humanity may have no doubt that Agni Pariksha was an Adharm. Today selfish Gurus, getting ‘dirty’ help from Sanskrit scholars are misrepresentation this and SOCIETY is being made to believe that Ram BLESSED the abduction of Sita. How much more dirty, sadist Gurus and Sanskrit scholars could be? 

Now it is your turn as jury to decide. Remember one thing, while pains and sufferings of females are highlighted, the sufferings of male are seldom highlighted.

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