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Here I will NOT talk about Dronacharya and how negative and inhuman his behaviour was, and proceed with the facts.
However I would like to add my thought for consideration:
IF Sanskrit Vidhvaan(scholars) and Dharm Guru had been honest about this event and had not tried to unnecessarily immortalize Dronacharya as VED-GYATA, 
which he was NOT, 
further accepted the symbolism associated with this event, that GURUKUL education was NOW CORRUPT, Hindu society would have been much better off, and certainly would not have seen and faced slavery.

Today we will be discussing how Lord Krishna planned and executed the death of Dronacharya on the battlefield. And~~the important thing is that this plan was executed with full consent of Yudhishtir.

In the first place, let us get one thing clear, Mahabharat was a World War, fought on various different locations, in and outside this earth, and the only Dharm in any war is to win, and strategies for winning wars are planned and executed in and outside the battle field. Deceit, planning deceit, is an accepted strategy of any war.

Having said that there is and will be another view on this, including the view of academicians, intelligentsia. Some of them might not agree that deceit should have been used to kill Dronacharya. Let us get the facts first.
After the exit of great Bhishm Pitamah from battlefield, Dronacharya was in charge of the forces fighting for Kauravs. Mahabharat war or the WORLD WAR was being fought to decide the identity of humans. Kauravs were all in favor of genetic engineering, human cloning and human farming to be the future identity of human, while Shri Krishna and Pandavs were in favor of natural process of child rearing in mother’s womb to be the identity.

And the war was being fought at different places in world and also in outer space. Already the world was witnessing the effect of this war. There was discomfort, unrest, feeling of hopelessness because of devastation all around. After the exit of Bhishm, Pandavs started feeling that they would be a step closer in winning this war, in case Dronacharya could be removed from battlefield. Pandavs and Shri Krishna also knew that as long as Dronacharya was armed and battle-ready it would be difficult, rather impossible to eliminate him.

Krishna was aware of the promise of Dronacharya that in case his son Aswathama was killed, he would immediately give up arms and withdraw from war. So a plan was hatched. Bhim killed an elephant whose name, too, was Aswathama, and with victory noises started claiming that he had killed Aswathama, without bothering to clarify that it was an elephant. 

Soon Dronacharya came to know about this. He understood that Bhim was claiming that he has killed his son Aswathama, but he did not believe Bhim. He sought confirmation from Yudhishtir, whom he trusted. And Yudhistir obliged; confirmed that Aswathama was killed, though he tried to explain that it was an elephant that was killed, but his explanation could not be heard because of noise ensured by Krishna and others in Pandav army. Dronacharya renounced his armory and sat unarmed where unarmed Dronacharya was killed by Dristadhyum. 

There are lot of stories pertaining to Mahabharat doing the round, and some point out how because of lie spoken by Yudhistir, his chariot which always stayed above the ground, started touching the ground. 

Now this is nonsense, as this writer does not believe in supernatural powers. If at all this has a symbolical meaning, the meaning is very clear; previously Yudhistir in his arrogance thought that truthfulness had raised his stature, but now he realized that winning a Dharm war is more important for humanity and the entire world than believing arrogantly that truth must be spoken at all cost.

This was the ground reality he accepted, and that is why it is said that after that this episode, his chariot started touching the ground while moving. 

So stop misrepresenting events in Mahabharat. And there is enough proof of what is being said is correct. 

Shri Krishna was an incarnation of God and hence we must accept this as Dharm. 

History repeatedly confirms that deceit and 'planning deceit' in destroying enemies was, and is the accepted strategies in wars. Agreed , this killing was executed after Acharya Dron was unarmed and as rules of war, was eligible for being taken captive, but as stated earlier, Shri Krishna, an incarnation of God, was there only to establish Dharm, it was important to send the message to future generations that Gurus need NOT be respected and trusted.

Yes, the message for the future generation was"Gurus need NOT be respected and trusted".

People fighting war either kill or get killed. It is killing of civilians as a strategy that needs to be condemned. Remember there had never been any war where deceit was not used. 

Dharm Gurus are not intimating correct Dharm, and ensuring that HINDU SOCIETY STAYS PASSIVE. But why are the educated Hindus too, doing the same. Once we believe that lord Krishna was an incarnation of God, anyone can deduce Dharm from this episode. The Dharm is very clear. War of this magnitude HAD to be won especially as this was a war to establish such an important Dharm. Rules in all wars are made, but broken, because more important is to win war. Deceit then and today is part of war strategies.

The world today is much better place to live because Lord Krishna ensured that natural process of child rearing in mother’s womb should be the identity of humans than child through human farming. 
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