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This question assumes greater importance after accepting that no supernatural powers were available to any of the character.
The sea is shallow in that area, and when the tide is low it is still possible to walk through a large part of sea, and swim through those areas where walking is not possible.

The first question that immediately comes to one's mind is::-
  1. Why did Hanuman met Vibheeshan first? 
  2. Was there some sort of advance spy team already in Lanka, which was coordinating all this ? 
  3. Finally destruction of strategic places of Lanka before leaving Lanka did required some coordinated advance and strategic planning.
The visit was fairly strategic, was minutely planned. If something went wrong, Vibeeshan would help; but right now for this important mission, we are discussing whether Hanuman took the areal route or went by sea. Since there is a mention of an advanced Radar to ensure no violation of air space, the chances of Hanuman jeopardizing mission of such importance by taking aerial route is remote. Secondly Hanuman met a large fish while going to Lanka, and fishes live in sea. 


Lanka had an advance Radar to detect air space violation, and certainly Hanuman would not risk an important mission. Also fishes live in water and Hanuman met a large fish while going towards Lanka
This issue was also discussed in our earlier article ‘Hanuman was a VAANAR and certainly not a Monkey’, and that is also a reason for queries of our enlightened readers.
My humble request to the readers is that the answers you are looking for will only come when you are in a position to appreciate the scientific growth of that time. While finding answers, and once we have done away with suprnaturam powers, the significance and strategic importance of each move has to be ascertained ; and it is in this context Hanuman’s visit to Lanka is to be viewed.

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