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We will first discuss who Satyawati was. There are stories that she came out from a fish along with a twin boy, and there are other stories explaining all this.
Since this blog does not believe in Chamatkaars(Miracles), all we can say is Satyawati was found on the river bank, along with lot of fishes caught by fisherman. 
She might have been abandoned there. 
She was dark in complexion and some sort of foul smell like that of dead fish came from her body. She was adapted by the fisher tribe chief. The fisherman, now her father, also carried goods and passengers across Yamuna and also was involved in fish business.

Mahamuni Parashar was an extremely knowledgeable persons whose books of knowledge are still in use. The modern day knowledge of Vedant Jyotish is all because of his books which are very popular all over the world. He was called Mahamuni because he had renounced all worldly pleasures.

Knowledge made him realize that he is destined to be father of a great child. He even calculated the auspicious moment when conception should take place. But one cannot help humanity without proper Karma. This required him to marry even though for a limited purpose. But he had to find the lady first.

As said earlier, Parashar was highly knowledgably person. Omens and whatever information he had about Satyawati told her that this could be the mother of that child. He also realized that she wanted to get rid of her foul smell. He knew of herbal medicine which would do that. He gave those medicines to her and even directed her father how those medicines are to be administered Being an expert on Vedant Jyotish he could even visualize her later getting married to a king. He told her father his predicament. Her father was quite sympathetic to him and Satyawati too, was willing to help.

During those days there was serious shortage of females, and females with possibility of getting pregnant were helping society, in some such manners too.

They married had a child and then got separated too, so that Satyawati could still be eligible for marriage. Maharishi Vyas as such was a legitimate child of Satyawati and Maharishi Parashar and not an illegitimate child, as is made out in some texts. Lot of texts state, that only after the death of both the sons of Satyawati, she revealed that Vyas was his son. It is totally unbelievable and unacceptable.

However some issues are being dealt with here. There was serious shortage of females and much more shortage of females who could conceive and have child. If it was not so person of stature of Parashar would not have approached Satyawati and her father. The earlier birth of Devvrat, a product of complicated Genetic engineering, also substantiates this fact.

The second issue is neither the stature of Parashar, nor that of Satyawati father could have allowed for hiding the fact that Satyawati had conceived and was due to deliver a child. Forget the explanation given in some texts.

We have already stated that Vyas-Ganesh dialogue do affirm that Mahabharat and lot of ancient texts are coded. Secondly it is NEVER easy to hide pregnancy. And finally it cannot be accepted, on the basis of evidences, that Vyas was an illegitimate child. No Vyas was the legitimate child through marriage of Parashar and Satyawati, though the marriage was for that specific purpose. And as stated earlier, after marriage they separated, and Satyawati was eligible for marriage again.

King Shantanu was ALSO aware of the entire details of all this, and he took the decision to marry Satyawati with full knowledge of these facts.

Maharishi Vyas was a legitimate child through marriage. Lot of texts state, that only after the death of both the sons of Satyawati, she revealed that Vyas was his son. The question raised in the earlier post “OPERATION GANGA-SERIOUS ATTEMPT BY SHANTANU TO SOLVE PROBLEM OF PROGENY, that why Shantanu married Satyawati, is being left, for the time being, unanswered, and we would welcome your views on this. 
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