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There were serious shortages of females as well as problem in pregnancy issues, and also successful pregnancy. When we view the period of Maharaj Shantanu keeping this in view, we will be able to understand better the history of that period.
Unlike his predecessor, Shantanu wanted his successor to be his own son. But there were problems, as survival of child through pregnancy and infancy was difficult. By that time human cloning had started, but was yet to get the official recognition from most of the kingdoms. 
Even Shantanu was opposed to it, but time for human runs out very fast , and though Shantanu was opposed to the use of genetic engineering and human cloning , he consented for having a human clone as child when he, at one stage felt that perhaps, further wait for natural child is futile.

"Operation GANGA", a project, to have a genetically engineered child with genes manipulated in such a way that the child would always be his father’s son started in right earnest.
The first seven attempts failed. The eight attempt was something unique the team developed; a human child, with multiple replacement organs, who can survive for a long and abnormal period of time. 

Shantanu accepted DEVVRAT as his son but ensured that such extraordinary human cloning is NEVER repeated in future, otherwise, the world would be destroyed. The team of ‘Operation Ganga’ was dismantled in such a way that such operation / experiment could NEVER –EVER be conducted.Please also read : GENETIC ENGINEERING,HUMAN CLONING WAS THE REASON OF MAHABHARAT WAR

But history is silent on the REAL REASONS of the event that happened there after. Shantanu fell in love with Satyawati, the daughter of a fishing community chief. Satyawati was already a mother who had earlier volunteered to have a child for Maharishi Parasher. 

However she was unwed and eligible for marriage. 

Now why Shantanu would fell in love or put it more in context, ‘decided to have Satyawati as her queen’ had not been clarified by history. Leaving the story constructed around the facts, and only taking a decision on the facts, one could arrive at a conclusion that perhaps Shantanu was still in search for a more natural and should we say “human” child, which, because of Satyawati earlier track record was possible, in case he weds Satyawati.

We are inclined to accept the view that Shantanu was searching for a more ‘natural’ child. History as it stands was manipulated for earlier period when information was scarce, but we cannot do that now. But to have child he needed to wed Satyawati, whose father placed a condition that the son from Satyawati would be a successor of the throne. Keeping in view that Satyawati was an unwed mother and yet her father, who was simply a fisher tribe head, could impose such a condition, do provide the dictating terms females with promise of progeny, were providing. The scarcity of females also gets highlighted.

But when it came to accepting the condition of Satyawati father, there was a problem. Devvrat was the only son and after wedding; if Satyawati did have a son, would still be the eldest son, and Shantanu was not willing to renounce the right of Devvrat. From his own sources Devvrat came to know about this, and immediately decided to help his father to obtain Satyawati as wife. He met the fisher tribe chief and pledged that he was renouncing his right to the throne in favor of future son of Satyawati. But the fisherman was not satisfied, “what would happen if your children came in the way of Satyawati grandson”? He asked. 

It was then Devvrat took the famous vow of Celibacy or Bhramcharya. He further promised that he would always be loyal to the throne. Satisfied, fisherman gave Satyawati to Devvrat, who took Satyawati as his mother and presented her to Shantanu.

When Shantanu came to know about the BHISHM or extreme tough vow Devvrat had taken so that he could have Satyawati as his wife, it is said that Shantanu blessed Devvrat with Ichha Mrityu, i.e. he can live as long as he wished. Since this blog does not believe in such supernatural powers, we can summarize that Devvrat was told about his special capabilities then.
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