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 Shiv Dhanush, a weapon of mass destruction was kept in Janakpuri on behalf of the kingdoms, when Parashuram handed this over. This weapon was in ‘ready to use state’. However because of indiscriminate killing, during wars between kingdoms and Parashuram forces, the technical knowhow as to how to dismantle Shiv Dhanush was not available. Because of regular fight between various kingdoms and Parashuram forces earlier, the kingdoms were now more united and were having regular dialogue to avoid wars...Sita was entrusted with the supervision of Shiv Dhanush. She also agreed willingly for linking her marriage with dismantling of Shiv Dhanush.

These facts do reflect a lot about her thinking and character. Linking her marriage with dismantling of Shiv Dhanush clearly indicate that she was prepared to be a faithful wife of anyone who dismantled the weapon of mass destruction. Human welfare was dearer to her than personal choice. Although she fell in love with Ram, just before swambar, she went through the swambar, with the above declaration, and we know that she would have been a faithful wife of any one, who would have dismantled Shiv Dhanush.

Sita, was extremely concerned, regarding humanitarian issues. The Raj Purohit of Janakpuri, Gautam Rishi was entitled to educate Sita but Sita refused because he had killed his wife Ahiliya.

Understanding the Dharm, from Swambar of Sita, is easy. For princess and queens, the issues can be human welfare, but for an ordinary female this would translate into doing the right thing for the family in which a female is born or married. The Dharm clearly gives strong message that in case of subtle difference in welfare of husband and husband’s family, the female’s responsibility tilts in favor of family. Remember the family links one with the society, the nation and humanity.

The Dharm assumes increasing importance in view of small families that we have now. Ex: one son married and parents and younger siblings of the son also wants to stay with the married couple. But within a short span of time, the son along with his wife moves into a separate place. There is no point in commenting on this, as there can be separate reasons, some heavily in favor of newlywed couple for staying separately. The important thing is that it is the Dharm/responsibility of the female, more than that of son to ensure proper care is being taken of the boy’s family.

This is the Dharm we get from Sita linking her marriage with dismantling of Shiv Dhanush. Every person can easily interpret these, and these Dharm are important in the present context.

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