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Pre Ram Era..Dharm used for exploitation of females..Ram ended this

Puraans, which are Ancient History are full of MISDEEDS of Devtas and FEMALE exploitable behavior of Rishis and Maharishis of the highest order. Why are these part of our ancient history, NO ONE HAS EXPLAINED SO FAR.
  • Anjani daughter of Gautam, became unmarried mother, and was sent to forest, where she gave birth to Hanuman. 
  • Ahaliya was killed, for her alleged indecent behavior, by her husband, 
  • Gautam Rishi. Parashuram father asked his sons to kill their mother. 
  • Parashuram army, when they fought with Kshatriyas, were fighting to kill the Kshatriyas, and not to defeat them. However they were sparing the lives of those Kshatriyas who were prepared to marry females they were keeping.
This speaks volumes about degradation of females and Dharm during that time. 
  1. Bhraspati forced his brother’s wife into having sex with him. 
  2. Richika and Satyavati, gave birth to Kaushik, also known as Vishvamitra. Rishi Richika also fathered Satyavati’s mother, who gave birth to Parashuram father. And Richika was a Saint. 
  3. Sita refused to have education from Gautam Rishi, although he was the Raj Purohit of Janak, because he had killed his wife, Ahaliya. 
  4. Rishi Ashtavakra father Rishi Kahoda cursed his wife, who was pregnant at that time, to have a deformed child, because she corrected him at least eight times for wrong pronunciation of some Dharmic verse. Since this blog does not believe in curses or supernatural power, the real meaning is that she was beaten, resulting in deformed baby.
Here I am talking about renowned religious personalities whose name find mentioned in ancient Hindu history. Our religious book does contain vivid mention of these. But the problem is that, because of our passive attitude, we feel like we have to DEFEND each and every wrong doings. And in doing so, we forget the MOST important aspect of Hindu Dharm; i.e. as and when the proportion of Adharm increases to unacceptable level, Lord Vishnu incarnates as Human to correct all this.

As such we forget that there was serious problem of Religious exploitation of females, during pre-Ram era, which caused Lord Vishnu to come on this earth as Shri Ram. Even Rishis and Saints were involved in these religious exploitations, and that is why Shri Ram avatar is Important.

But that certainly means that we have seriously NEVER tried to access the reason for Lords avatar as Shri Ram. Why? Because then the exploitation of females by religious personalities, prior to the birth of Shri Ram had to be exposed.

To access the reason for avatar, we have to first understand the social and geographical condition of those times. Remember one thing; during the initial and early stages of growth of ANY society there has always been exploitation of females and weaker class of persons.
If one looks at the world history of last 3000 years (which is known), one would immediately accept this. It is the oldest known history of the world. However in earlier times of Kalyug, to defend the wrong doings of saints, events were falsified or interpolated. Perhaps at that time it was required. But do we need to do that now? NO CERTAINLY NOT! This is the information age and we can dispense with all such interpretations and interpolations. Our society is mature enough to accept facts. Slavery was legal in most part of the world about a couple of hundred years back. Sati in India, declaring witches and burning females in other part of the globe, was common.
The ancient Hindu history also accepts the exploitation of females and weaker section of Society. Remember, Satya Yug is the new dawn of Human civilization. A new start is made, because Manu could only manage to bring in very limited humans to the new Yug. Unlike Kalyug, in Satya Yug, the natural process of growth of plants, trees, evolution of birds, animal takes place slowly. The new evolution takes time. Finally humans also evolved. Obviously they were not accepted as Humans by the older generation of mankind (who arrived with Manu), who till then had established kingdoms, and felt that the world is for them to rule.

The biggest irony is that we are prepared to accept Ram Bashing by deliberately falsifying the events of Ramayan, but are not prepared to expose the wrong doings of the saints prior to Ramayan.
Agni Pariksha of Sita becomes meaningful and represents the intense commitment of Mata Sita and Shri Ram to provide level playing field to females as well. Shri Ram accepting the Maryada(finest or the noblest tradition of that time) of that time asks Sita to undergo Agni Pariksha, but when as King, HE is asked to adjudicate on this issue, HE rejects Agni Pariksha, and RULED that such matters can be decided on the basis of physical evidence. Shri Ram established Agni Pariksha as an Adharm and showed by example that females deserve equal status. He did not marry a second time, and even during Ashwamedh Yagna, he preferred to go with a golden statue of Sita, rather than marry second time.
Even the precedent that his father had three wives was also ignored. We cannot ignore the important rule followed in avatar; the avatar leads by example. Accepting that Ramayan, being History of HUMANS, NO SUPERNATURAL or MIRACULOUS powers was available to any of the characters, we get the correct History, but our religious Preachers and Gurus are not interested. They have audio, video and written literature in circulation, minting money, which will all go to waste. As such they have malafide intention in what they are doing. And they have POWER and MONEY.

As such it is an unequal fight between society and Power. During the last 63 years of independence Power and wealth has won, the Hindu society has gone from bad to worst. Even the BPL (below the poverty line) families have increased during this time. It is a shame, but what is the educated Hindu society doing? Please note no one is going to solve your problems. If you remain passive, and do nothing, you are once again a society which would be exploited.

Do not let that happen. ACT NOW AND ACT DECISIVELY. 

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Jasvant Singh said...

This article have many misinformation and insulting to Hindu religion then for uplifting hindu religion. The references made in first part of article are baseless and were propagated by Muslims after arrival to India to deface Hindu religion.

How can someone believe that beating a pregnant woman will lead to birth of deformed child. It will most probably lead to abortion. Birth of deformed child can only happen due to some disease. This whole story is cooked by Muslims to defame Hindu religion.

If you don't believe in super natural power then how can you believe that Ahilya can end up having sex with Indra instead of Gautam by mistake? Can anybody believe that. If she did it because of lust then she should have been punished.

All these stories of Brahaspati being a characterless person, Prasuram being a characterless person are propagated by Muslims to destroy Hindu religion because they themselves don't have history of good character people.

Ram disowned Sita not because of physical evidence but to keep morality in Praja. One women in Ayodya had committed Adultery and she was not even afraid of taking her husband to king because her husband disowned her. It was concluded that women of Ayodya were taking Sita as wrong example and that example had to be removed even though Rama had no doubt about Sita's purity according to any evidence physical or devine.

Unknown said...

The comment above assumes that anyone who wants to END Ram Bashing is non Hindu, out to destroy Hindu religion. The post Pre Ram Era..Dharm used for exploitation of females..Ram ended this was written to remove FALSIFICATION of events which is being done with Ramayan.

Please note that no where I have said anything derogatory about Parashuram. Please CORRECT that.

Ramayan and Mahabharat are History; let us have NO doubt about this. The only serious problems, that Hindu Dharmic Leaders or Gurus have created is they have not accepted this as History. The only thing that the Gurus were required to ensure was that NO SUPERNATURAL or MIRACULOUS powers were available to any of the characters of Ramayan or Mahabharat. Ramayan then becomes more credible and all the events would provide a Dharm. In any case if one believes in INCARNATION, one has to believe that every event in the history of Incarnated God (in this case Shri Ram and Mata Sita), would provide a Dharm.

Now tell me how do an IGNORANT Hindu and Non Hindu support Ram Bashing?

Answer is simple; and if you have read the above post as a Hindu, who wanted to end Ram Bashing, you would have immediately understood why Ram Bashing is going on and how it can end.


Ram bashing is possible only by FALSIFYING the events of Ramayan, and once you ensure that NO SUPERNATURAL or MIRACULOUS powers were available to any of the characters of Ramayan, you will find that atrocities on females were done by religious persons, and that is why Agni Pariksha of Sita , an highly explosive even became part of Ramayan. And that is why Shri Ram and Mata Sita established Agni Pariksha as an ADHARM.

This is exactly what this post highlights.

Now tell me who is a non Hindu.

Please remove interpretation and interpolation, now, from Ramayan as they are no longer required. Secondly interpretation and interpolation FALSIFY the event so that Ram Bashing can continue. Once we stop falsification of event, we will easily be accepting that there was Dharmic exploitation of females during pre Ram era, which was corrected by Mata Sita and Shri Ram by establishing Agni Pariksha as an ADHARM. And this post provides at least eight such examples in the start itself, where falsification of events had led to Ram Bashing. How can a Hindu support Ram Bashing?

To understand how falsification of event is done one may read the post : INTERPRETATION and INTERPOLATION in Ramayan .

You can also read my post to understand fully how this was established as an ADHARM : AGNI PARIKSHA OF SITA ....FACTS post URL :


A Consulting Engineer, operating from Mumbai, involved in financial and project consultancy; also involved in revival of sick establishments.

ABOUT MY BLOG: One has to accept that Hindus, though, highly religious, are not getting desired result as a society. Female feticide, lack of education for girls, dowry deaths, suicides among farmers, increase in court cases among relatives, corruption, mistrust and discontent, are all physical parameters to measure the effectiveness or success/failure of RELIGION, in a society. And all this, despite the fact, that spending on religion, by Hindus, has increased drastically after the advent of multiple TV channels. There is serious problem of attitude of every individual which need to be corrected. Revival of Hindu religion, perhaps, is the only way forward.

I am writing how problems, faced by Indian people can be sorted out by revival of Hindu Religion.