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PARASHURAM came to save Vaanars from INHUMAN exploitation of Kingdoms

Vaanars, were humans with tails. They were hunted, treated as animals, traded too as animals. Females, too, during pre Ram era were exploited, with religious Gurus blessings. Problems were severe, barbaric requiring multiple Avatars
We have to explain to the entire Hindu Community, the purpose of AVATAR OF PARASHURAM. Before that we have to understand the social and geographic condition of Treta Yug, where EVOLVED HUMAN BEINGS, who were called VAANARS, were living in forest and there were Kingdoms too, were normal humans(as we know them) were living. Now to explain the purpose of Avatar of Parashuram, we have to take the social and geographic condition of Treta Yug into account. What was THE PURPOSE OF PARASHURAM'S AVATAR?

Who were these KSATRIYAS or Warriors, against which he has to raise his arms 21 times? Important thing to remember here is that Parashuram’s forces were FIGHTING TO KILL the enemy forces, and NOT just to defeat them.
What was the Barbarianism or exploitation in which these warriors were engaged? We know that Parashuram’s forces were FIGHTING TO KILL the enemy forces, and NOT just to defeat them. They were however sparing those Ksatriyas who were legitimately getting married to females whom they have kept. That certainly means that there was serious exploitation of females.
REMEMBER the avatar of PARASHURAM was JUST before the Avatar of Shri Ram. 

Towards the end of the earlier Kalp, or Mahayug, whatsoever one chooses to call it, because of submersion of almost entire land mass under water, Manu started his journey over sea with the help of Matsya Avatar. The journey possibly extended to thousands of years, as such several generation of humanity sailed over sea, in different ships fighting for the diminishing sea food and resources. Perhaps that is why the name Man, Manushya or Man is given to these persons. Anyway every misery ends, and they did find land where they could restart their life.

These people from different land and culture first settled on the land, slowly started to multiply and later started forming independent settlements.
People who had developed the habit of eating HUMAN FLESH, and were termed RAKSHAS during passage through sea, formed separate settlements, as others were apprehensive about their behavior.
Slowly forests also started developing, with various animal and bird. Later the purest form of human being evolved in jungle. They were called Vaanars.

Note: there were several Avatars in-between, but this post does not provide scope to discuss them. We want to discuss Parashuram Avatar.

The first think that we have to accept and understand is:

As and when there is Decrease of Dharm and Increase of Adharm to UNMANAGEABLE proportions, Lord Vishnu incarnates in the form of human.[Note: it is pertinent to understand a simple fact about Incarnation; Incarnation means accepting characters in Ramayan and Mahabharat as humans, having NO SUPERNATURAL or MIRACULOUS powers i.e. God as human who did not use supernatural powers]
What is the quantum of Adharm for Lord Vishnu to incarnate is not decided by us earthlings. It is decided by Lord himself. However we need not doubt the fairness of God regarding His presence on earth as Avatar. the quantum of Adarm required for lord to come as avatar would be the same for all ages, yugs and for all humanity.
But one thing is known; we know the standards that Lord Vishnu had used earlier NOT to incarnate. That would provide us with credible assessment of the extent of barbarianism which required Parashuram's avatar. 

Now we have to access the standards that Lord Vishnu had used earlier NOT to incarnate:
During the last 1000 years of invaders rule extreme atrocities were committed on Hindus. Without getting emotional, all I can say is that the abuse of females was indescribable. Females, able bodied males and even children were taken away as slaves to their native country. Temples were razed and plundered. Conversion was forced. As I said, I can be only miser in describing all this.
People cried for God’s help, but God sitting in heaven, did not feel Hindus required HIS physical help, though Hindus are highly religious. HE could physically help the society at large only if HE incarnates.

And HE did not feel the atrocities and Barbarianism to be sufficient to incarnate.

This is one standard that we know that Lord Vishnu had used earlier NOT to incarnate. Having ascertained the extent of Barbarianism that prevailed which forced an Avatar as Parashuram, we now have to provide details.

There is very little one must admit, regarding the details about it in ancient history. The only thing that we have is forcefully taking away belongings of people living in jungle, for instance Kamdhenu was forcefully taken away by warriors of kingdoms. The simple meaning of Kamdhenu is one that fulfils every need. Thus the people of the jungle were not allowed to even fulfill their basic needs and if someone retaliated, even old and harmless persons of the forest were killed. Even Parashuram’s father was killed and his chopped head taken away as trophy. Killing a sage who was mediating is bad enough, but to chop and take his head as trophy was Barbaric.

Now we know that jungle were the living places for Rishis and Vaanars. So who were the victims, we know. If Rishis were killed, what was happening to Vaanars whom the Kingdoms had even refused to accept as Humans.

As earlier said, WE, in 21st century cannot accept SUPERNATURAL or MIRACULOUS powers. Why? Because human history has no place for this, and secondly by accepting SUPERNATURAL or MIRACULOUS powers, the attitude of Hindu society had become passive; what I am saying cannot be judged by religious persons alone. It has to be judged by Social experts.

There were two major problems. One was the extreme animosity between kingdom and Vaanars which often resulted in brutal behavior of people of kingdom towards Vaanars. Knowing that they were humans with tails, Vanaars were hunted, treated as animals and traded too as animals. 
The other was the exploitation of females in which religion was also used. Parashuram father asked his sons to kill their mother for a flimsy reason of her watching some sport, and Gautam Rishi killed his wife Ahaliya, are examples of same. The avatar as Parashuram only tried to make sure that Vaanars were left alone by kingdoms.
He also ensured that powerful people like Ksatriyas kept females only through marriage. However he found himself totally ineffective in dealing with religious persons and religious Gurus and they all were, not only involved, but blessed the irreligious activities by invoking and interpreting religion to bless such atrocities.  

The religious exploitation of females by asking them to undergo the dreaded Agni Pariksha or killing their wife on flimsy grounds (just like Gautam Rishi did) could not be stopped. It was left for the next avatar, Shri Ram, to make sure that Vaanars got their rightful place as Humans, and to ensure that females were provided same treatment as males by religion.

Lord Vishnu came on this earth as Shri RAM to ensure:
(a) Settlement of Vaanars as Humans and
(b) To abolish Agni Pariksha, and establish it as an Adharm plus
(c) Give a message to the future world that Sanatan Dharm believes in EVOLUTION and NOT in CREATION by Establish Ram Rajya. This Ram Rajya did not last long which in itself is a proof that Evolution is important.
Religious Propagators and Gurus, because of their NON-SOCIETY-CENTRIC ATTITUDE are unable to accept even the real meaning of Incarnation. Incarnation means accepting characters in Ramayan and Mahabharat as humans having NO SUPERNATURAL or MIRACULOUS powers.

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