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This article is written with the hopes that some one would come out with more information for verification of the Yug theory of Hindus.
moving any further it is important to understand that, just as we have physical verifiable definition of second, minute, hour, day, year, and so on; it is important to have a physical definition of different Yugs and a Mahayug/Kalp, so that astronomy can define the same too. 
I can assure you that if we have Yugs, Mahayug and so on demarcated, there must have been a physical definition of the same, which seems to have been lost. There is no way, without a physical definition, that the scientific world and the information world, in which we are living can accept this.

Unfortunately no one could yet fully comprehend and define the time used in Surya Sidhanta, and reconcile it with the time we use and understand. This has deprived the usage of information in Surya Sidhanta and Puraans for determining the age of earth and generally for all other research in astronomy.

As per Surya Sidhanta and Puraans, the duration of various cyclic periods, and there name is as follows:

Satya Yuga 17, 28,000 years
Treta Yuga 12, 96,000 years
Dwapar Yuga 8, 64,000 years
Kali Yuga 4,32,000 years ...Total duration of four yugs = 4,320,000 years
Every Kalp has 1000 cycles of the four Yuga. 4,320,000 x 1,000 = 4,320,000,000 years.

The problem with these figures is that they are not based on real time—by real time, one means, the time the modern world can understand. We understand that one year consists of 365.25 days (approx), we understand that one day shall have 24 hours, and so on and so forth. Unfortunately no one could yet fully comprehend and define the time used in Surya Sidhanta, and reconcile it with the time we use and understand. This has deprived the usage of information in Surya Sidhanta and Puraans for determining the age of earth and generally for all other research in astronomy.

It is extremely important that the oldest culture of the world must contribute in modern day research in astronomy. It is true that we have contributed a lot in various astronomical researches, but because of the problem of real time and time used for computation, our astronomy is not contributing much in determining age of the earth and other related issues.

It is also relevant that we work on real time, and redefine the kalp, so that the figures can be used by modern day researchers. This article is an attempt in that direction. The information provided herein under has been culled from various sources, and as such, it will not be possible to acknowledge any specific source.

As such this article is written with the hopes that some one would come out with more information for verification of the Yug theory of Hindus.

If you look at the figures provided above, one of the LCM in each case is 72. And 72 years is the modern day figure of Precession of Equinoxes to cross one degree. So for 360 deg., or one circle to be complete, the no. of years is 72x360= 25920 years. Precession of the Equinoxes refers to the precession of Earth's axis of rotation with respect to inertial space. The modern science has discovered this phenomenon about 150 years back, but the Hindus are using this from time immemorial. Even Cheiro, the famous Numerologist, Palmist and Astrologer have acknowledged this science having its origin in ancient India.

Then we have Samvatsar, or 60 years cycle. Here 60 cyclic rotation of earth around sun constitutes one complete cycle, with accepted and VERIFIABLE Hindu belief that even in human life things tend to repeat itself. The famous treatise on astronomy ‘Vedanta Jyotish’ could throw more light on this. It is worth mentioning here is that Vedanta Jyotish is NOT a course on astrology, as most people believe, it is a subject which brings forth principles of astronomy, in such a manner that a person, without having knowledge of astronomy, could actually use it to enlighten his/her life, and make it more harmonious with nature.

Thus, using the figure of 60 for multiplication in this case too, the duration of a kalp is 
60x 25920 = 1,555,200 years 
(Note: the earlier definition of Kalp is being ignored for which I seek your forbearance).

Going back to Vedanta Jyotish, we know that 360 degree cycle is to be divided into 12 house, or divisions of 30 degrees each; as such 60 cycles of precession of equinoxes, when placed in 12 divisions, shall provide 5 cycles in each house/ division.

First four div/house, or Satya yug = 25920x5x4=518400 years
Next three div/hse. orTreta yug =25920x5x3= 388800 years
Next two div/hse. or Dwaper Yug=25920x5x2 = 259200 years
Next one div/hs. or KALYUG =25920x5x1 = 129600 years
Next two div/hse or Sandhi =25920x5x2 =259200 years
TOTAL 1,555,200 years
As such one Kalp is 1.56 million years.
Note: The current Kali Yuga began at midnight 17 February / 18 February in 3102 BC.

There are 72 kalps in a Maha-kalp, which is actually 60 cycles plus 20% extra for sandhi or vacant period, when earth recharges itself and prepares for an altogether new human life. We are in the fourth Maha-kalp or Manavavtaar (some say this is seventh, but fourth is more likely), and in the fourth Maha-kalp, we are living in the 28th Kalp.

As such the total duration of human life on earth is: Human life= 1.56x (72x3+28) =380.64 million years

We can now write the duration of Maha-Kalp, Kalp, and Yugs , as per new definition:

One Maha-Kalp = 72 Kalps= 1,555,200x72 = 111,974,400 years
One Kalp = 1,555,200 years or say 1.56 million years
Satya Yug = 518,400 years
Treta Yug = 388,800 years
Dwaper Yug = 259,200 years
KALYUG = 129,600 years
Sandhi = 259,200 years
Let us corroborate some interesting facts using Vedanta Jyotish. When Manu left the earlier kalp on a ship and finally found land to live on, he and his followers had entered the first house of the zodiac, which would describe the new Kalp.

1.Thus the first four houses which constitute Satya Yug indicate birth of a new civilization, which slowly expands, uses valour, and help of likeminded families to establish settlements (home) or kingdoms. The third house indicates brothers and sisters. Vaanars the evolved humans are also indicated by 3rd house.

2.The fifth house constitutes children, the sixth, enemies, diseases, and the seventh is the first external house, indicating relationship. Treta Yug extends from fifth house to seventh house. The civilization in the kingdom were witnessing expansion, the new civilization (brothers and sisters) in jungles known as VAANARS WAS ALSO GROWING, when lord Vishnu in the form of Shri Ram took avatar, fought with Rakshas, forced kingdom to accept Vaanars as human being and then established RamRajya- the Dharm followed by the just rule of law which made everyone happy and is still the dream of every human being. 

3.The eighth house is the house of mysteries and life. Life in itself is a mystery. And the ninth house, the house of Dharm and fortune. Dwaper Yug extends from eighth house to ninth house. Lord Krishna came on this earth towards the very end of ninth house and established Dharm after Mahabharat war. What happened in the interim period of eighth house is still a mystery. It seems that almost the entire life was destroyed in the Indian sub continent by massive floods as ancient history mentions that a new Manu once again took charge of taking the leftover people to safety. Sage Vishvamitra had to undertake a very serious ‘TAP’, towards the end of which an Apsara from heavens joined him and they had a daughter from this relationship. 

It is important to understand that why Vishvamitra, who is a friend of the world (as the name suggests), had a daughter and not a son. A female gives us thoughts of nourishment, caring and fertility, whereas male gives us idea of brute force. With dwindling population, the world required nourishment, care and fertility. Shakuntala, the daughter of Maneka and Vishvamitra begot a son whose name was Bharat. Our country is still known as Bharat. 

Another important information that we get from this part of ancient history is that all these development took place in South India, and later on the decedents of Bharat moved to Hastinapur, in North India. So our ancient history actually rubbishes the north south division theory. People who are settled in North India have actually migrated from South India. 

4.Going back to Vedanta Jyotish and Yugs, after Dwaper Yug, we have Kalyug, and kalyug falls in the tenth house, which is the house of Karma, or action. The house of Karma is relatively easy to handle, as Karma is completely and absolutely in our hand. All actions get rewarded, and inaction does not bear any fruits. AS SUCH WE CAN NOT IGNORE AND BE A MUTE SPECTATOR TO WHAT IS HAPPENING IN OUR COUNTRY. We have to contribute by our action.

After Kalyug we have Sandhi, or in-between period which covers eleventh and twelfth house. 11th house denotes gains from Karma, and 12th, losses. So, actually, people of Kalyug have the option to extend their Yug by another 129,600 years. All we have to do is to be positive, and avoid INACTION on issues surrounding us.

And now some reconciliation of the details provided above with some known facts. As per the information provided by the modern science, the phenomenal growth of Himalayas is approx. 70 million years old. Earlier Himalayas were not that TALL and LARGE.But they are at least 500 million years old.The RECENT development started about 70 M years back; and gigantic mountain range was there about 50 M years back. 

As per the Hindu history, during the last Maha-kalp or Manavavtaar, there was a serious division between Devtaas (gods) regarding the type of human race that should be developed. Daksh, the Prajapati (or in charge), wanted a human race which could not be destroyed. While Lord Shiv did not say anything, her wife Sati, strongly opposed it and sacrificed her life on the fire at the place where these efforts (yagna) were taking place. Lord Shiv destroyed everything pertaining to that YAGNA and killed Daksh. The destruction was extremely severe. Earth witnessed turmoil and massive changes after that.

When exactly all this could have happened? Since we know that there are 72 Kalps in a Maha-Kalp, out of which 60 kalps fill the zodiac as discussed above and remaining 12 kalps are night (sandhi) or darkness where there is no life, the possibility of this experiment taking place is only towards the end of house of karma i.e. at the end of 50th kalp. So the last 22 kalps plus the existing 28 kalps added together constitutes the period during which the process of re-growth of Himalayas took place.

Thus time in years 50x1.56= 78 million years.

The modern science says it is at least 70 million years. WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT FROM ANCIENT HINDU HISTORY?
Important Notes:

The definition of Kalp and Maha-Kalp has been changed in this article and is different from that provided in Purans and Surya Sidhant. 

All texts, accept 20% time as Sandhi, or the period of darkness, or NO LIFE, when earth recharges. This has been accepted and provided seperately between two Mahayugs or Kalp.

This article accepts one Kalp as one Mahayug.. 

This article BELIEVES that we are in the fourth Manavavtar, and Sati was in the third. After Sati Sacrificed herself, Himalayas range expanded horizontally and vertically(larger and taller range). 

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mini gurus with many gurus said...

amazing information!

Thank you Sir.

warm regards,

Sameer Bhatia
New Delhi

Aaditya said...

Dear Mr.Kulbhushan,
Iam comment on this article Duration of a Kalp because you asked me to join your blog amd comment. This articlre article of yours is a misinterpretation and
interpolation of the Vedas and allied Literature claiming that that all other interpretation of Vedas and allied Literature all these centuries are misinterpretations and interpolations and you want to give the True interpretation and remove interpolations.Unfoertunately or fortunately yours is yet another addition to the existing ones all these centuries..The span of 1 KALPA according to Vedas and allied Literature is 4,32 billion human years,According to modern astronomy archaeology and other sciences the earth came into being 4.5 billion years which will be still pushed back on time as new evidences and researches continue and the homosapiens (i.e.) modern humans came into being 2 million years ago since the recent,ly discovered bones of homosapiens in Africa dates back to 2million years ago from present through carbon datings Originally it was believed that modern humans came into being only few thousand years ago according to modesrn science and archaeology which have been pushed back constantly to 2 million years ago as new evidences are found as time advances.tghese dates will certainly be pushed back as further evidences are to be found.Your blunder error like may is that you have tried to reconsile the The dates amd period and all other informations as it maches the current existing temperoy science wlike Vivekananda who was occedemtal and want to gain support from premitive m odern science and science. which is unnecessary.By this hard work yours you are undermining the Vedic science and is helping the apseudoscientists in yhe world. Sorry in advance if I have offended you or anyone in this blog of yours.

Unknown said...

Thanks for your comments.Please note all comments, even though critical of post will be published, as that is the only way to move forward.

Regarding the subject post, there seem to be some confusion between MahaYug and Kalp..I have preferred to use Kalp for Mahayug, to simplify terminology.

Once again my post is meant for critiques, and students of Astronomy who are interested in RECONCILING the ancient Indian version of CYCLIC THEORY of EVOLUTION, with the modern attempt to understand evolution.

Since the information has been culled from various sources, and I felt this would be useful for modern Hindus, I have posted this. I have been careful in acknowledging the Vedantic Duration of Mahayug at the start of the post itself.

Please note your comments are always welcome..

Aaditya said...

ok,thank you.


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