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Ram persuaded Kaekai to banish him for 14 years, so that he could oversee education and training of new evolved humans, Vaanars. Why are we trying to conceal this Society friendly historical fact?
The reason was Vanaars too, could become part of civilized world. One fails to understand that though this fact automatically gets known, if myth of God, Goddess, and supernatural powers is removed from history, why are we making serious attempt to cover this society friendly Dharm established by Shri Ram?

Kaekai loved and adored Ram. HER Ram was on a mission, and HE needed her help for the sake of humanity and she decided to be on HIS side.

After the marriage of all the brothers, the next obvious thing that immediately occupied the attention of the royal family was appointment of Yuvraj. After all King Dasrath was an old man, and the earlier a Yuvraj was appointed, the better, everyone felt, it would be for Ayodhya.

But now, everyone knew of the peace treaty between Shri Ram and Ravan. They also knew that Shri Ram had to stay in forest for a period of fourteen years to earmark specific areas around forest where the new generation of human, commonly called as Vaanars can flourish and grow. Shri Ram repeatedly requested that Bharat may be appointed Yuvraj as his commitment towards his obligations in that treaty was absolute. But Dasrath was not prepared to listen. He clearly told Ram that he was free to do whatsoever he wanted to do in his old age, but not now. The royal family, including his brother Bharat, also wanted to see him as Yuvraj, and as such were not supporting him.ReadRamayan and History

Shri Ram had three mothers. Although he was born to Kaushaliya, his favorite mother was Kaekai. In this case, even Kaekai bluntly told him that vanvaas was for the older people and he was free to enjoy this in his ripe age. Even the Maryada was against this, and the incarnation of Lord Vishnu was expected to follow the same, especially while dealing with his own family and older parents, she told him teasingly. Shri Ram barely managed deferment of decision for some time, stating that he was not prepared as yet to take over the responsibilities of Yuvraj.
As it happened Bharat and Shatrughan had gone to their Mama’s(maternal uncle’s) place to spend some time, and Sage Vashisht informed king Dasrath of a highly auspicious muhurat, a few days ahead, which was not likely to repeat itself for a couple of years. He also told King Dasrath that the Muhurat was so strong and auspicious, that any work undertaken in it would give highly auspicious and positive result. King immediately decided that this muhurat would be used for coronation of Ram as Yuvraj. Celebrations started immediately.
Ram knew that he had been cornered. There was no way he could oppose this. He knew he had earlier agreed to become Yuvraj, though because of the family pressure, but now there was no way out. The Maryada of that time would not let him oppose this. But never the less, he was determined to utilize the muhurat to go to the forests.
He knew that the only person who could help him was Kaekai. Kaekai loved and adored him and also had the highest respect and regards for him because he was an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. After all she was his favorite mother. Ram told Kaekai, once again why it was important for him to go to forest. Vaanars were living a miserable life. Kingdoms, including people living in Ayodhya had no sympathy for them (read Hindu History..Start of a new Kalp ; Ramayan and History). They were not even considered as humans. Surely he can take on Ravan at a later date but the plight of Vaanars had to end as soon as possible. Even the fight with rakshas won’t be easy, he told Kaekai, and he would like to utilize this muhurat to leave Ayodhya for forest.
Kaekai once again told him that she was all in favor of this coronation and is eagerly waiting to witness it. She also told Ram to stop thinking about this for the time being as his father was fairly old and may not be able to bear his exit to forest. Further, as a Queen and member of royal family her Dharm would not let her help him.
Ram reminded Kaekai that since she knew who he was, she had to believe him that whatever he was doing was in the interest of his father and Ayodhya. His father was virtually on the thresh hold of obtaining moksh, except for one karma whose result he had yet to bear, and that was the curse he had received when he accidently killed the son of a blind old couple on a pilgrimage. Even the people of Ayodhya would benefit immensely, both in stature and by other residual benefits, after his victory over Ravan. He knew, said Ram, it was tough and required lot of guts to do what he wanted her to do. The king had promised that he would forthwith fulfill any two wishes that she may ask him to fulfill. He wanted Kaekai to ask for his banishment to forest for fourteen years and coronation of Bharat as Yuvraj.
Kaekai was petrified. She bluntly told him that this was not possible. But Ram was not there to get a NO. He begged and cajoled her. She had the guts and she could do this, he told her. Kaekai told him if she accepted what Ram wanted her to do; she would be the most unpopular queen and a spoiler and would also be called a wicked step mother. Ram told her that he wanted to establish as dharm the need for single marriage, and what she would be doing would make his task a lot easy.
As earlier said Kaekai loved and adored Ram. She also had the discriminating power to understand what was being asked for. She knew at heart that kings and princes do not belong to any one person, one family. Her Ram was on a mission, and HE needed her help for the sake of humanity and she decided to be on HIS side.
Several time this had been asked why Kaekai? Why not Manthara with Goddess Saraswati?

I have picture of Shri Ram at my pooja place because I believe that by merely having his picture at my pooja place, I would be relieved of all untimely obstruction in any work I am undertaking / involved in. How can I believe that Goddess Swarsati and Manthara could have done that without Shri Ram’s active participation? Here Ram was present in person and yet Manthara could manipulate the entire royal family. No Ram was actively involved in this and Kaekai did this on behest of her Ram.

Kaekai episode is interesting in several ways. Some believe that whatsoever she did was because of her love for her son Bharat. Others believe that Kaekai loved Ram more than her son Bharat. Conclusions in both the cases will be different. In the first instance she would be deemed to have acted as a selfish queen, and in the second instance, she was a selfless, god-fearing individual, who was prepared to make exemplary sacrifices for her NATION and HUMANITY.
You too have a choice to make. Make it now.

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