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PURAANS are history with a difference. 
They contain all the facts including scietific informatiin of the evolution of our solar system but in a coded language, which is called SUTRS (सूत्र). No one has any idea, why this was preferred, but that is how it is. Obviously since the entire text is in coded language, misinformation, manipulation of society is possible, and is quite comman. Sometimes outsiders, and LOT OF TIMES INSIDERS exploit our society, without providing the full information. 

Here we will talk about Satyug, and how misinformation is being spread. 

Learned religious scholars and gurus are under pressure to perform on religious front. But in Hinduism (Sanatan Dharm) they have, atleast for the last 5000 years, found out an easy way not to perform and also not to get blamed for that. 
They have distorted every information, and succeeded in making the society believe that the present Yug Kalyug, the puranik name given to the period in which we are living, is actually very bad and one cannot expect good results in this yug. So, obviously inspite of best efforts of Gurus and religious Scholars, the society is going down, not performing. How very convienient! 

Wheras the fact is that they have ‘SCRIPTED” the content with falsehood and ensured that Hindu Society has a slavish attitude. True, during this long period of 5000 years there must have been serious efforts to correct this, expose this, but the exercise was futile because of the caste system based on birth, which ensured only people of one caste and that too because of inheritance are providing “religious information”. 

Puraanik history provides clear details why Satyug was the most painful yug for humans and why it is and shall always be the worst yug for humans. 

Well, for the detailed information on this topic, several blog posts are available. Keep in mind that all this information has been taken from the Puranas, which only Hindus recognise as History, so there can be NO dispute. 

* Satyuga is the beginning of the new era. There is no contradiction in this; if you want to say Mahayuga or say Kalp, Satyuga starts it. Before the beginning of the Satyuga, the entire earth is submerged in water, explains Purans, and the scientific world also accepts this. 

*Manu transports/escorts the left over population of previous Mahayug, in various ships, boats of all sizes. Manu escorts them when the entire earth is submerged in water towards the end of a Mahayug. 

*Now this population of previous mahayug is divided. They, and their several generations had witnessed the worst crisis; rather series of crises. The land was submerged. There was arson, loot everywhere. Food was just not available. Even seas had stopped churning. Some of these humans thus choose an easy way out. They started consuming humans. So, those who were cannibals were called ‘raakshas’ and the other preferred to keep and declare their identity as opposite of raakshas and preferred opposite or “Raa”, which is ARYA in Sanskrit. 

Now let us reconstruct Satyug: 

*At the beginning of the Satyuga, after Samundar Manthan(which is an astronomical phenomenon/ point), churning starts. The area of the sea begins to slowly decrease, and the earth, limited only to the top of the hill, starts expanding. The new developments begin to flourish. The new world witnesses phenominal growth of trees, animals, birds, sea life. And science believes that natural development was then very fast, and some very big animal, birds also evolved. Large, to very large fishes also evolved in oceans. 
This new age is what Hindu call Satyug. 

* The problem of food for these huge animals, birds remain as they are always hungry; they also consume humans, rakshas, other animal, birds and their own species, but still there was never enough food for them. Such huge animals, birds spoil the entire life cycle. It was difficult to live, survive. 

When Treta era came, they were slowly getting extinct; Valmiki Ramayan, mention huge water fish, and the huge birds like Jatayu and Sampati, which are ending. 

* Back to satyug; among all these, the new species of humans, called vaanars were filling forest borders. And the batch of recognised humans from previous yug, refused to recognise this new species now called vaanars as humans. Both arya and raakshas declared them as animal, hunted, sold/bought, and kept them chained as animals. 

* Puraans want us to believe that apart from all these, raakshas wanted to keep humans who were not cannibals and called themselves as Arya as their slave. Puranik history records that at least two times in Satyug, the rakshas were in complete control of entire earth. 

How was Satyug declared as a decent and best yug for humans? 
Frankly it is nonsense and worst type of CRUEL joke on Hindus. 

To sum up: 

Manu brought rakshas and Aryas of previous yug into new satyug, and they refused to accept the new species of humans. Instead the new species was treated as animal. Only in treta yug that Shri Ram formally accepted and accorded them status of humans. 

Large birds, large animals, large sea fish, all were fighting for food which was always in shortage for them. It was only in the next yug, i.e treta yug that these large creatures became extinct. 

Even the limited previous generation humans , called aryas were enslaved by rakshas and atleast on two occasions rakshas were masters of entire world. 

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