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SHIV is always shown with snake around his neck, Ganges flowing out from his matted hairs, crescent moon on his head. These can also be said the symbol of SHIV. Lots of people want an answer. Learned people, from time immemorial, have expressed themselves why Lord Shiv is more comfortable in meditation or Samadhi, and the reasons there of.
Remember, worship of Shiv and Parvati means that we accept the process of evolution and we do NOT believe in CREATION, like all other religions.

We must first understand the difference between Nirankar and Sakaar Bhakti. In Sakaar we want to see God in the physical form of our choice, while in Nirankar God is formless. I therefore most humbly submit that I, at least am NOT capable to know what God would want to look like, and can only express myself what are the feelings and ideas the above mentioned symbols provide to humanity.

Ganges flows from the matted hairs of Lord Shiv, providing clean fresh water to all, which is also essential. It ‘s journey starts from the drinking bowl of Bhrama gets controlled by Shiv , and from the matted hairs keeps on continuously providing fresh water on earth. Kathas associated with this also inform us that Ganga came back on this earth to satisfy untreated PITR ie the untreated departed dead souls, who automatically became eligible for rebirth after Ganges came on this earth. Was the cycle of evolution incomplete till Ganga came back on earth?

I think so, but how this could be scientifically explained, or told in a scientific language, right now, I am not in a position to state. But Ganges does seem to complete the cycle of evolution.

Snake around the neck symbolizes concentration, secrecy, and sudden and unexpected events without warning. This is a peculiar message, as it clearly indicates that concentration and work on physical parameters is important for humanity and nature to prosper and progress, but in spite of this, there will always remain certain areas unexplained or ‘secret’, one can say. Apart from this sudden or unexpected events or calamities, an important part of process of evolution, could never be ruled out, and to that extent scientific explanations would have its limitations.

Is it not strange or (would you say) more PRACTICAL, that unlike ALL other Religions, Sanatan Dharm through Shiv is giving a clear message, that there could be unexplained events or calamities, and that PERFECTION, associated with CREATION will NOT be achieved, and evolution will always have unexplained areas.

The crescent of moon on Lord Shiv’s head is of the fourteenth Tithi of the dark lunar fortnight, and Lord Shiv is in meditation. Moon signifies consciousness. This is simple to explain; Lord Shiv though in deep meditation is still conscious, though only slightly. But this much consciousness is sufficient for evolution on this earth to progress. Questions that naturally come are as follows:

Why only as thin a consciousness as fourteenth tithi? Obviously it cannot be lesser that that. Is our SHRISHTI or evolution in the nascent stage? I Think YES!

Shiv is always shown in deep meditation; does this mean that even meditation can go no further? My answer is yes! To be alive a little active brain is a must even as per scientists, and what science gains and knows through experience and observation, Sanatan teaches us from time immemorial. It is only because of RESISTANCE of our Dharm-Gurus that scientific knowledge in not being passed on to universities so that Hindu students do not benefit from this and further research, and the society maintains its slavish mentality.

Now, why Shiv in Samadhi or deep meditation?

It is accepted and believed that through Samadhi the Atman (soul) in us gets connected with Parmatma or ‘I’ gets linked directly with cosmos or one can say universe. On the more physical plane Samadhi recharges the energy system of the body, increases concentration, and keeps one mentally calm and induces the correct proportion of emotion and karma (action).

Shiv in Samadhi indicate that Shiv is connected with cosmos or universe and that the energy required for the growth and development of entire universe, which gets released through Shiv Linga also need to recouped and recharged, for which even Shiv the ISHWAR has to make efforts.

REPEAT: Shiv in Samadhi is connected with universe and energy required for growth of universe, and getting released through Shiv Linga also needs recharging, for which ISHWAR too has to make efforts.

The message for us is clear; we too have to be Shiv, at least a part of HIM. 


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