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The world today is slowly getting developed by scientists not for the welfare of humanity, but for controlling humanity and for military use. During Treta Yug mantra controlled weapons were available, which is common today. 
Mind control weapon ‘MAYA’ was used by Ravan. 
Work is being done by modern science now in developing these weapons..
The scientists of today believe that science was much more developed in ancient time, and Hindus have history confirming the same.

If we look at the history of ancient period of Treta Yug and Dwaaper Yug, one would realize that science was extremely developed; much more than the present time, and during the pre Mahabharat period science witnessed a period which is not easily achievable now, even after a couple of centuries, or even more.
During Treta Yug and period of Shri Ram, ‘mantra controlled weapons’ were available, but that technology is very common today. We also do have mention of 'mind control weapon' “MAYA’ used by Ravan. Even on this lot of work is being done by the modern science and we have evidence that mind control weapons were used recently in Iraq by USA. Link: Mind Control Weapons: Artifical Telepathy, Silent Sound Spread Spectrum
This post is in response to reply to lot of queries on ‘Maya’ used by Ravan and perhaps other mind control weapons, which we have received from readers on our earlier post TALK OF WEAPONS CONTROLLED BY SIDDH MANTRAS DURING EARLIER YUGS

Let us understand one thing very clearly, the era of Shri Ram was scientifically much more developed. Shiv Dhanush, the weapon of mass destruction, which in the present era, we are unable to agree internationally to destroy were getting dismantled and swambar of Sita signifies this. Read: SWAMBER OF SITA
And now this world is slowly catching up with the technology available during Shri Ram’s period. But there are areas which would require more research, like type of aero planes, and in perhaps other areas too, including architectural engineering where military engineers constructed Ram-Setu within one day.
Now regarding mind control weapons, scientists of today’s world are involved in lot of serious research. Unfortunately Hindus are not in a position to contribute in this research, because our Dharm Gurus, due to ignorance or other malafide reasons, are not interested in removing the coating of MYTH from the history of Treta Yug and Dwaaper Yug. All they have to do is to accept history of Treta Yug and Dwaaper Yug without supernatural powers.
Today the world is involved in serious research on mind control weapon, so let us accept and understand that MAYA used by Ravan were mind control weapons
I do not intend to go into more details about these weapons, except to provide links, and remember, I am only providing very limited Links:

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