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सनातन धर्म मैं नियंत्रण और संतुलन को विशेष महत्त्व दिया गया था, जिसके लिए सप्त ऋषि समिति थी, और धर्म प्रचारक उपदेश सामग्री मैं बदलाव करके विभिन्न समाज की प्रगति/रक्षा मैं सहायता कर पाते थे~~The important thing in Sanatan Dharm was proper checks and balances by a centralized committee, and changing the content to be preached to different societies in various stages of growth.
THIS is an important issue. Important, not only from information point of view, but also to understand Sanatan Dharm or Hindu religion, as known to people around the world. It also assumes importance because we have history of various Yugs where Sanatan Dharm for various reasons had not performed properly, requiring Lord Vishnu to come as Avatar. 

The present Kalyug era, started about 5000 years earlier, had also seen the downfall of Sanatan Dharm, for which Hindus were CONDITIONED to look for EXTERNAL reasons, whereas the propagators of Sanatan Dharm themselves say that Sanatan Dharm is very strong, society and environment friendly, and very thorough, and that it has always performed, and hence had survived for such a long period.
But they do conveniently forget to tell the most important fact. That survival of Dharm requires its performance, and the only criteria, that can judge the performance is how the society or Samaj following this Dharm has performed. And we know it had not performed properly, during the known period of history, because the society, all along was weak, some would say miserable (barring few periods), females and weaker section exploited. These propagators of Sanatan Dharm invariably give a Sanskrit Shlok, in support of how well it had performed, but they forget that performance has to be judged on physical parameters, and all of these parameters are negative. So what exactly could be the reason for non performance of Sanatan Dharm nowadays as well as in the past?
The first thing that every one of us has to understand, in this information age is that for any religion to survive for such a long period, the important input has to be proper checks and balances, and flexibility of approach in different conditions. There can be no compromise regarding these two vital inputs. But today the Dharmic Guru would talk of everything else, other than these two issues; WHY?
We will first talk of ‘checks and balances’. It is true that Sanatan Dharm had survived for long time, perhaps for millions of years. And the logical question to ask is what were the checks and balances, which ensured performance of religion. No answer would be available from Dharm Gurus. But we know that as when these check and balances eroded, there were problems. Even God had to incarnate as Avatar to correct the path of society. We have already mentioned in our earlier posts that there was a centralized committee to monitor performance, known as Sapt Rishi, which at some time in the past got disbanded. Those need to be restored.
The other important thing is preaching of Dharm at different era. For this the concept of incarnation of God as human was very professionally used to cater to the requirement of societies at different level of growth, education and information. A society which at a particular time was slaving, would be given dose of extreme emotional content of religion, with preachers ensuring that what is being told to the society would communicate extremely powerful God, willing to help the faithful and also eager to answer their prayers. A society not a slave could be given a mix dose of emotional content, with some physical performing content added to it. And a society which is independent and growing will have equal amount of emotional and physical content.
And how the concept of avatars is used for this purpose? Simple; avatars are actual history of real persons who had done serious work successfully to change the course of history by bringing in social reforms by force or persuasions. They have been accepted as avatars, or incarnation of God. And we know that history is always facts plus presentation, catering to the EVER CHANGING needs of the society and powers that rule those societies. So to improve the emotional content, all that history has to do is to increase the powers of characters in that history. They are accorded supernatural powers and this also provides an opportunity to explain away scientific growth during the period of Avatar, which a society in a very early stage of development, with little or no information/education, in any case, would not understand. Such scientific growth is explained as supernatural powers. 
And obviously when the society is growing, getting fruits of development, these supernatural powers can simply be removed to bring in right balance of emotional content and physical content.
Unfortunately that has not happened in independent India, which is witnessing growth, and scientific development. On the contrary the emotional content of the religion has further been increased, ensuring the decline of Hindu Society and exploitation by preachers, which is verifiable. 

Will the Hindu Society wake up now?

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