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VALUES and DHARM are often confused. Sometimes because of this confusion lot of unpleasantness is also generated. For examples young boys and girls would have their own views on what to wear and how to present themselves. They are very much entitled to this. All, they are required to understand is how much they are deviating from values of earlier generation and why. This too is optional.
However what they must understand is that the values that they are following are because this is what they want, and NOT because they want to have different set of values from earlier generation.

First of all let us know the difference between VALUES and DHARM. 

Values are time specific and they, as we can see with young boys and girls, could keep on changing with time. They may OR may NOT be connected with Dharm. And lot of examples can be given. During 1000 years of invaders rule there was serious problem of young unmarried girl being forcibly taken away, and to take care of this early marriage became the rule. But this could never be classified as Dharm. The Dharm then and now is the same; to ensure that females are not exploited.

Similar is the case of multiple marriage of Shri Krishna and single marriage of Shri Ram. Though the values were different both worked for ending exploitation of females in an altogether different set up.

Lot of time Values are confused with Dharm and politicians often try to MISGUIDE youths to accept Values as Dharm for their own political gains. Values are certainly not Dharm; youths are required to work for Dharm and should not be misguided by CHEAP public figures to work for values. A simple example that value are time specific, could be a person with very strict values having different set of values when he is sick.

Then why do certain youths forcefully stop other youths from enjoying valentine day or some such other celebration which were earlier not part of Hindu or Indian culture? The answer is simple. Some persons who want to enter public life are misguiding these youths for their own benefits. And some such vested interest persons will always be there in any society.

Normally values does spell out generation gap; and the people of older generation must keep this in mind when dealing with youths. The older generation must also stop using phrases which openly condemn the values of modern day youths. 

It is typical of existing PASSIVE attitude of Hindus that we the older generation do not accept, even the statistically verifiable facts that we (i.e. the older generation), are having anti Hindu and anti India wrong values on caste, females, even the definition of Dharm, which has increased PASSIVENESS in Hindus and has been the main reason of corruption and other problems in Hindu society.

REPEAT: We the older generation do not accept, that we are having anti Hindu and anti India wrong values on caste, females, even the definition of Dharm, which has increased PASSIVENESS in Hindus.

It is extremely important for every Hindu to know, that in this Information Age, we have reasonable information on all society related issues, and this is likely to improve. Modern day marketing of consumer goods requires statistical information on each society related issues.

As such Hindus, both belonging to older generation and younger generation, have a special responsibility to ensure that the values they accept and follow must take the society forward. 
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ABOUT MY BLOG: One has to accept that Hindus, though, highly religious, are not getting desired result as a society. Female feticide, lack of education for girls, dowry deaths, suicides among farmers, increase in court cases among relatives, corruption, mistrust and discontent, are all physical parameters to measure the effectiveness or success/failure of RELIGION, in a society. And all this, despite the fact, that spending on religion, by Hindus, has increased drastically after the advent of multiple TV channels. There is serious problem of attitude of every individual which need to be corrected. Revival of Hindu religion, perhaps, is the only way forward.

I am writing how problems, faced by Indian people can be sorted out by revival of Hindu Religion.