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श्री रामजी कि कुंडली~~People claim that they have, using computer, drawn the horoscope of Shri Ram and have determined the exact date of birth. This is NOT possible, using the existing astronomical data and parameters.
Shri Ram was born in the month of Chaitra, in Treta Yug, at Ayodhya on the ninth tithi of Shukla Paksha. According to Maharishi Valmiki, Shri Ram was born at mid-afternoon, and at that particular moment, sun was exalted, Moon was in Punarvasu Nakshatra and all the planets were either exalted, benefic or in their own rashi. Karka (Cancer) rashi was rising at lagna.
Now the above are the observations of a Maharishi, whom we all hold in high esteem, and they cannot be challenged. They are the basis on which the horoscope of Shri Ram is to be made. We have to accept them as historical details of date and we NEED NOT temper with it.

Since it is difficult to visualize the mathematical astronomical data of that time (we know that the mathematical data is generated by computation of actual movement of heavenly bodies at that time, and since we, at present have very little information about Treta Yug, we have to wait for further research), it will be difficult—rather impossible to mathematically (or, should we say astronomically) calculate and compute the horoscope of Shri Ram. We can therefore make a rough sketch of Shri Ram’s horoscope and leave it at that.

That precisely is the reason for writing this article—lot of people are claiming on TV channels that they have , using computer, casted the horoscope of Shri Ram and have determined the exact date of birth. This is NOT possible, using the existing mathematics and parameters, and we all have to agree that they are doing a great disservice to the Hindu community and religion by staking such false claims.

Let’s elaborate:Maharishi Valmiki have mentioned the following important parameter (which cannot be tempered with):
a) Sun is exalted. Now we know that the Sun gets exalted status in ARIES.
b) Moon in Punarvasu nakshatra and in Cancer rashi and lagna
c) Tithi is Naumi (ninth) shukla paksha.
Mathematically speaking the exaltation of Sun, in Aries, is from 0’ to 30’. Since tithi mathematically means (moon – sun)/ 12, and ninth tithi falls between 96’ to 108’, we can straight away say that even if the sun is at 00’ Aries, moon has to be between 96’ to 108’ to satisfy the tithi criteria ( range of each tithi is 12’). It is important to note that the Sun cannot be at any degree less than 00’ (as then it will not be in Aries), as it will not be exalted then. Punarvasu nakshatra extends from 80’00” up to 93’20”.

This means that if one is computing the birth chart of the Shri Ram, one of the above three criteria will NOT be met. In case you keep Sun in Aries, and have ninth tithi, Moon would have crossed Punarvasu. In case you place Moon in Punarvasu, mathematically you are not going to get ninth tithi. If you want to keep Moon in Punarvasu and retain ninth tithi, Sun has to be shifted back further and it recedes from Aries to Pisces. And in Pieces, Sun is not exalted. This, put mathematically, would mean the horoscope cannot be made.

That does not mean we should manipulate, deceive TV channels and people watching them by making false claims. Further research will and should come up with more information about Astronomical Data of Treta Yug so that Shri Ram’s kundli can actually be casted. This is information Yug, and we can expect answers to all questions pertaining to ancient Hindu history, but please do not make false claims. 
This is a disservice and has to be discouraged by all concern.
One must also understand that this is the reason why we are celebrating RAMNAUMI when Sun is in Pisces, as we cannot get all the above three variables in place .

Given on top is a rough chart of possible horoscope of Shri Ram. Moon alone is in lagna. Lot of astrologers has placed Jupiter also in lagna. They have strong and valid reason for this. Shri Ram was Maryada Purushottam Purush and one who commanded highest respect from every one- as such, they argue, Jupiter has to be in Cancer in lagna. With all humility and utmost respect to them I disagree, the reasons are as follows:

When all planets are in exalted rashi or in own rashi, the person will be an emperor and command respect even if he is in Jungle. As such Jupiter need not be in Cancer in lagna. 

I have placed Jupiter in sixth, in Dhanush rashi. The reason being that Jupiter signifies Dharm and Shri Ram have throughout his life, fought for establishing dharm. Secondly Jupiter in lagna would have granted him a high degree of happiness through children and wife, but Jupiter in sixth, in own house, would easily restrict it. Finally when a planet owns two rashi and is placed in one of his own rashi, it tends to forget to promote the affect of other rashi owned by him.
In this case Venus is exalted in Pisces, and Pisces is owned by Jupiter. Venus in Pisces would have (if Jupiter was NOT in Sagittarius) granted extreme pleasure and satisfaction through female company, which was not the case with Shri Ram. As such Jupiter in Dhanush did not allow the yoga in Pisces to flourish.
The other placement which is regularly discussed in various Jyotish article, is the placement of Rahu and Ketu. Regarding exaltation sign of Rahu and Ketu there is difference of opinion among Masters of Jyotish, some feel it is exalted in Gemini (Rahu) and Sagittarius, other say they are exalted in Taurus and Scorpio. I would like to go with the opinion that Taurus, for Rahu, and Scorpio for Ketu is the exaltation sign .

Ketu, in the fifth (house of children), is considered bad for children, especially for first born child. But in this case Ketu, in fifth, in Scorpio, in house of Mars, will only be able to restrict happiness from children in the initial stages, and can not cause any further damage. This is because lord of fifth house is exalted in Kendra in seventh, and as a further protection, lord of seventh(where Mars is), is exalted in Libra in fourth, and lord of fourth, exalted in Ninth, in Pisces. Ketu, in fifth, will deprive the native from initial happiness from children.

Shri Ram’s children were born in Valmiki’s Ashram, in forest and far away from him. Secondly Rahu is considered Karka for rakshas, and Shri Ram managed an everlasting friendship with Rakshas, after defeat of Ravan. Significantly, Rahu in the eleventh house rules friendship, and an exalted Rahu provided lasting friendship with Rakshas. JAI SHRI RAM !

IMPORTANT: Please do not deceive and present false claims about date of birth of Shri Ram. This is the information age. Further research will throw more light on astronomical data of Treta Yug. Shri Ram was born at least 5.00 lac years earlier. We will have his exact date of birth in some years to come.


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