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WHAT exactly are the flexibility this post wants to talk about, and why no religious preacher did ever discuss this? All religions follow their own definite set of rules, and because of certain problems, vies a vie growth of society, and some other problems, certain rules are not that easy to adopt; is this the flexibility we are talking about?
No not at all. In the first place Sanatan Dharm DOES NOT have any such ‘set of rules’ which other religions have, for the very simple reason Sanatan DHARM NEVER believed in Perfection but in Chaos. So where is the possibility of ‘set of rules’ which surely other religion do posses. We simply cannot and will never have ‘rules based Dharm’. Anyone who is telling you this is out there to EXPLOIT you. One also has to remember that Sanatan Dharm is the only religion in the world which does not believe in perfection, but in Chaos, and that is one of the reasons for the flexibility.

Before going any further and give you proof which will let you know that we do not have such rules but accept the current society and its problems as reference point, let us first talk of flexibility. What exactly is the flexibility?

Hindus accept that society would pass through good, bad, and forgettable periods. Religious preaching in all cases would be different. And this requires flexibility which can be used and misused. And I will provide examples. 
Previously the spirit of ‘nationalism’ has had no meaning. People were required to respect the boundaries of their respected kingdoms, which kept on changing. It was Chanakya, who started talking of nationalism and since Santan Dharm is NOT rule based, there was no problem, except the problems such bold issues face from the then powerful. In contrast, Joan of Arc, about 300 years earlier advocated nationalism for France, and she was tried by Church as ‘Witch’ and burnt alive. That happened because Christians believe in perfection, in rule based religion.
And this same flexibility was misused during recent 1000 years of slavery, when in spite of the example of Chanakya before them, which they knew as Dharm, the flexibility allowed them to be self centered, and every kingdom and Raj Guru kept on thinking about their selfish interest, and the entire India became slave.
And, again, this same flexibility is being MISUSED after independence for exploitation of Hindu Society. And, this time in an altogether different way! All the Dharm Gurus and Sanskrit scholars have conveniently forgotten that Sanatan Dharm is CURRENT SOCIETY CENTRIC, How can anyone forget this? Will someone explain? Is it exploitation, where everyone has joined hands to grab his share of bounty?
Sanatan Dharm is CURRENT SOCIETY CENTRIC with negligible rules, which provides flexibility. Chanakya used this in a positive manner, and RAJ Gurus did in a negative manner during 1000 years of slavery. There can be NO flexibility in providing details of basic religious texts, like Vedas. History of incarnated God, like Shri Ram, Lord Krishna was and is INVARIABLY used to provide this flexibility. HOW?
When the society is less developed, and scientific growth is negligible, or in the primary stage, the presentation of Avatars and history of the period of Avatars is with characters having supernatural powers. This allows increase in emotional content of preached Dharm, ensuring that society has absolute faith in God and that the society understands that the redressed of all problems lies in worshiping God, who is eager to help those who remember/worship HIM. Obviously the REAL Dharm established by Avatars is NOT told to that society. 
An example is that during serious survival crisis faced by humanity all over the world, immediately after Mahabharat war, the emotional content of the religion was increased, and this was further increased during 1000 years of slavery, so that Hindu Society could keep its head down and survive the severe pressure of conversion. During this time the society was told that the main reason for Avatar of Shri Ram was to kill the demon king Ravan, though the actual reasons for avatar were as follows:[The actual reasons would be obvious, only when we will accept Ramayan as History] 
When the society is passing through a phase of growth including education and economic growth, the history of Avatars is told without supernatural Powers, keeping current society as reference point.“
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I am writing how problems, faced by Indian people can be sorted out by revival of Hindu Religion.