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Here we will be talking of the first world war, popularly known as Mahabharat, which was fought using nuclear, chemical weapons. 
Space ships too were used in this war. Entire world got affected. Enough evidence exists.
As a Hindu and responsible member of the society, we must keep in mind that Hindu history provides exhaustive details of the first world war fought about 5000 years earlier and popularly known as Mahabharat. 
The war caused widespread destruction, and totally destroyed the social structure and even raised question mark on the survival of humanity. But that was 5000 years earlier. Today we need to accept this piece of history with some pride, not because wars and violence serve any cause, but because this piece of history of the world is preserved by the Hindu society, and there are many lessons for humanity to learn from this history.

Remember there is a sinister campaign already underway to sabotage this historical fact and ensure that it remains within the realm of myth, so that Hindu Samaj may not get the importance it deserves for preserving this and other important ancient history, which is increasing becoming more relevant for today’s world.

Mahabharat witnessed extreme destruction, crippling social infrastructure all around the world and societies collapsed. Even Lord Krishna had to resort to killing Yadavs, involved in arson and looting.

Now we will assemble the evidences that are available. 
To assemble the evidences, the first thing we have to do is to understand the civil and social setup during Mahabharat time. We also have to access and ascertain the evidence that belong to Mahabharat from evidences that today’s world processes from pyramids, excavation, and other finds.

This blog contains some posts which provide some insight into social and scientific growth prevailing immediately before Mahabharat war. One can read those posts; links of some posts are also provided below.

Every ancient civilization contains description of a great flood, which engulfed the entire world about 7000 years earlier, but subsequent information, post flood, is not available with most of the civilizations, though Hindu history does have details. Read: THE GREAT FLOOD OF DWAPAR YUG AND THERE AFTER

After this flood, for reasons not known, there became serious shortage of females and also problem in successful pregnancy. The situation became so serious that the then Vishvamitra performed tap (tap here means concentrated individual efforts and certainly does not mean closing one eyes and continuously worshipping God, similarly we must understand ‘YAGYA’ means concentrated combined effort), in which one Apsara (maiden with undeclared identity) volunteered and joined, and this did result in successful pregnancy and birth of a daughter. 

We do not know how many such taps were performed, but one thing is certain, the shortage of females and serious problem pertaining to successful pregnancy continued, and ultimately science had to step in with alternate solutions. 
King Shantanu used Genetic engineering and human cloning to get his first son Devvrat, who later became famous as Bhishm Pitamah. Read: OPERATION GANGA-SERIOUS ATTEMPT BY SHANTANU TO SOLVE PROBLEM OF PROGENY

I do not intend to describe history of period before Mahabharat, but to intimate the Dharm for which Mahabharat war was fought. Also to inform the readers the reason why the boundaries of Dharm for some warriors was so blurred, that it did not make any difference to them as to what they were fighting for. Even Dronacharya and Shakuni advised their son(s) to fight from Yudhishtir side. What were the reasons that Shri Krishna allowed Kauravs to use his army, and declared that he would side with Pandavs but will not take up arms. 

There could be lot of such questions that readers would have and which would require answering.

The reason was that the Dharm for which this world war was being fought was whether human cloning, human farming, genetic engineering should be used. Kauravs said and declared that this was the ultimate Dharm for humanity, and Pandavs declared this as Adharm. Read: GENETIC ENGINEERING, HUMAN CLONING WAS THE REASON OF MAHABHARAT WAR

Now some direct and indirect evidences:
A) Evidence from Mahabharat (evidence from Mahabharat are available when we accept Mahabharat to be History, without supernatural and miraculous powers with any of the characters):
  1. The birth of Devvrat, achieved using human cloning and genetic engineering. Operation Ganga, as it should be called, was successful after seven failed attempts to produce a male with multiple replacement techniques, who would survive for a long time. Ichha Mritu(death by wish only) as it was called. This project was permanently abandoned after birth of Devvrat.
  2. Mahamuni Parasher, an authority on Vedant Jyotish and other Vedant literature, is famous even today because of his books on Vedant Jyotish. On the other hand history tells us that Satyawati was a female found abandoned where fishes were stocked. She was not beautiful and a foul smell emitted from her body. Mahamuni knew that he is destined to be the father of a great person, and was also aware of the possible time of conception. Knowledge of Vedant Jyotish made him realize that Satyawati could be that lady. Somehow he made her father agree for a temporary marriage, i.e. a marriage for the limited purpose of getting a son. Some Puraans falsely state that Mahamuni fell in love with Satyawati which resulted in marriage and son. Satyawati’s father, man of limited means was ‘persuaded’ to agree to this. Read: SATYAWATI RELATION WITH PARASHAR AND BIRTH OF VYAS
  3. Falling in love with onetime married female, and a mother, who was not beautiful, and also a commoner, does not happen with kings. Yet King Shantanu, in order to have a normal child (without the manipulation of genes) wanted to marry her, and was even prepared to discuss and negotiate with Satyawati’s father. Read: SHANTANU MARRIAGE OF CONVENIENCE WITH SATYAWATI
  4. Kunti offered her womb in adolescent age for developing the embryo of a child. Thus Karna was born.
  5. All five Pandavs were born by the use of genetic engineering. Better technology was used in birth of 101 Kauravs.
  6. Shishupal was killed by the security forces (Sudershan Chakra), because he tried to violently object to Lord Krishna’s declaration in Raajsuy Yagya that henceforth human farming of more than 100 persons will not be allowed.
  7. Five Pandavs were married to a single lady Draupadi, so that this message is preserved that there was acute shortage of females. This also gets support from the fact that during the last year of Vanvaas when they had to stay incognito in any city of their choice, Pandavs preferred to ask Draupadi to announce that she had five husbands.
Mahabharat is full of evidences of shortage of females and use of human cloning and genetic engineering. 

B) Now, the other proofs:

1. The Pyramids of Egypt are research laboratories for genetic engineering. Perhaps also for HUMAN FARMING. They were certainly NOT tombs for kings and rulers. One does not need links for this. Are they in any way connected with Mahabharat period? Yes, if Mahabharat was a world war, which it was, then pyramids were part of development during Mahabharat period and later used as tombs. The dates suggest nothing else.

2. Mahabharat witnessed extreme destruction of life, property, and environment. Devastation crippled the social infrastructure all around the world, and societies collapsed. Even Lord Krishna had to resort to killing Yadavs, who were involved in arson and looting. Arson, looting, health hazards, destroyed civilizations in post Mahabharat period. After Maharaj Parikshit, the deteriorating situation could not be arrested. This also gets support from excavation carried out at Indus Valley Civilization sites. The excavation reveals that EARLIER civilizations were much more advanced than the OLDER ones. Links are enclosed. Mohenjo-daro , Harappa , Indus Valley Civilization

3. Civilizations vanished, People left the settlements and went away. WHY? Abundant proof of this can be had from excavation results of Indus Valley Civilization. Links are provided above. But no one has answered WHY? The answer lies in Mahabharat. Right at the end of war, Ashwasthama used Chemical weapon to ensure destruction of infants in womb of left pregnant females (UTTRA). While Lord Krishna could save the womb of Uttra, the wife of Abhimanyu, other females were not that fortunate. Later humanity got the advice from scientists that the only way for some success would be by being a wanderer tribe moving around. 

4. Indus Valley Civilization provides definite proofs of cities destroyed by Nuclear Blasts. Read: ANCIENT CITY FOUND, IRRADIATED FROM ATOMIC BLAST
Because of indisputable proof of Mahabharat as history, which would only keep on piling up, international lobbies already exists to ensure that Hindu Society should not get the pride of the place it deserves.
They know very well that Hindu society is no longer being led by educated and learned Brahmins but by opportunistic Dharm gurus, most of whom have seized this opportunity because of the luxuries and power it provides.
Now these opportunistic Dharm gurus are using the following method (verifiable), to destroy the Hindu Society and push it back towards slavery:

During 1000 years slavery, the emotional content of the religion was increased by reducing the physical (karmic) content of religion, which was to be corrected immediately after independence, but the same was not done. On the contrary, emotional content of Hindu Society was further increased to keep them passive.

Sanatan Dharm requires that history of Avatars is to be preached to less educated/informed societies with characters having supernatural powers, and educated and informed societies without such supernatural powers, so that emotional content of religion automatically gets reduced. Surprisingly the same is being resisted by Dharm gurus. 

Dharm gurus are distorting the definitions of Dharm, Dharmic persons, and everything else, as there are no checks and balances. 

Someone had placed in the social sites, linage of kings from Yudhishtir onwards; another deliberate attempt to prove continuity so that the scientific evidence available from Indus Valley Civilization automatically gets delinked from Mahabharat. How can continuity, proved from linage of kings coexist with proof of Indus valley civilization, which states that there was destruction and NOT continuity and physical proof of the same exists as highlighted above? 
Other evidence too exists of this world war.

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