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Mahabharat was the first world war !
Human genetic engineering, genetic engineering applied to human reproduction was the reason for Mahabharat war. 
Mahabharat war was as such a DHARM YUDH.

As said in the earlier post 
where issues pertaining to post flood period had been discussed, the obvious conclusion that one can reach was that shortage of females and progeny problem persisted. With the progress of society this issue received much greater attention.

The progress of society also brought in scientific growth and development. This scientific growth was wide spread and in all fields. Obviously the problem confronting the society received serious attention, and genetic engineering and subsequent human cloning was developed and stabilized. 

Female wombs were used for developing the embryo, and later these fetus were developed and allowed to grow in chambers designed and developed for that purpose..
  • Kunti gave birth to Karna in this way. 
  • Lord Krishna and Yogmaaya exchanged wombs, ie , at an earlier date of pregnancy, embryo of Lord Krishna was taken away and replaced by embryo of Yashoda’s daughter’s . 
  • The five Pandavs were improved humans using genetic engineering. They used their mothers’ womb for growth and development. 
  • Kauravs were actually a much better technology, were a single embryo was developed initially, to later give birth to multiple humans.. 
There seems to be enough evidence that later on human farming started. When Yudhishtir became the king of Indraprastha, he became very powerful because of his conquest and also because of his honesty and faith of other kingdoms to accept him as leader. A Rajasuya Yagna was organized to celebrate his rise to Emperor. 

Unlike the League of Nation and United Nation, where PRETENCE is maintained that ALL NATIONS are equal, no such hypocritical attitude existed. Yudhishtir along with representatives of principal nations (maybe just like Security Council) decided that Shri Krishna would lead the team to decide how humanity would move forward.

The first decision taken was that the manipulation/duplication of genes will END, and world HAS TO RETURN to the natural way of child rearing.

For that to happen, human farming would be banned gradually. Cloning in multiples of HUNDRED and above would IMMEDIATELY stop. This was NOT acceptable to some nations and they were powerful nations. In fact a conspiracy was hatched to kill Lord Krishna, however the ‘Sudershan Chakra’(Security ring) around Shri Krishna dealt with it and even killed Shishupal.

The marriage of Draupadi with all five Pandavs is also a strong indicator of shortages of females in the then world. 

Perhaps a decision was taken much earlier , maybe at the time of King Shantanu or his immediate successor that in view of the acute shortage of females , “unnatural sex’ between humans and animals may not be viewed in disgust and contempt., and anyone found indulging in such act would NOT be harmed. And anyone harming such person would be treated as offender, punished and banned to live in forest. Since that was the age of genetic engineering of the highest order, some such genes were introduced/manipulated in the body of offender, so that as soon as he thought of having sex and actually tried to indulge in sex, the person would die. 

The rule was applicable when Pandu, out of contempt and disgust killed a person indulging in unnatural sex with animal. Pandu had to abdicate his throne, banished to live in forest, and Dhrishrashtra became the king.

It was in abject opposition to reducing human farming that a conspiracy was hatched, and Yudhishtir lost everything in the game of Dice. Duryodhan sent an invitation to Yudhishtir for inauguration of a sporting complex. Here a game of dice was played, and Yudhishtir lost everything. He first lost his entire kingdom, his brothers, himself and also Draupadi, the common wife of all five Pandav brothers, and the ruling Queen of Indraprastha. Yes, the game was not played fairly as Duryodhan was represented in the game by Shakuni, his maternal uncle, who was an expert in manipulating the game of dice. Here after winning everything, Kauravs even insulted Draupadi.

There was widespread discontent for such a game and also for the insult of Draupadi, who herself has had no role and anything to do in this. Yudhishtir lost his entire goodwill and respect amongst his followers for doing what he did, that is, to put his kingdom, brothers, himself and his wife on stake. And so did Kauravs. 

This was well played out in the diplomatic channels and both agreed to replay the game with a new stake. This time the stake was the current social issue, which some believed could trigger a World War. Duryodhan and lot of rulers of that time believed that ‘Genetic Engineering and Human Cloning’ was the solution to the complex problem of child rearing and human growth of the future world, while Yudhishtir firmly believed that ‘Genetic Engineering and Human Cloning’ had to be totally abolished for humanity to prosper. 

To ensure that the entire world also accepts and understands that nothing unfair was done, and Yudhishtir actually lost everything in a fair game of dice, the game was replayed with change of STAKE. And this time the stake was 12 years in forest and one year in the civilized world in such a manner that the losers are not recognized.

The idea was that whosoever won the game of Dice, would bring reforms in the world to such an extent that in the 13th year these celebrated persons, whether it was Duryodhan, or Yudhishtir with Pandavs would be recognized, when they re-enter the civilized world after their exile from forest.

The MAHABHARAT WAR was as such the DHARM YUDH……..

Both Pandavs and Kauravs were saying that what they were doing was DHARM, i.e. for the progress of Humanity………..Remember NEVER, I repeat, NEVER Dharm has had any other meaning except progress of Humanity. 

The Kauravs wanted further development of Genetic Engineering and Human Cloning, and they were sure this was the answer of all problems the humanity faces. They cited the RAPID growth brought by them using this technology for the betterment of humanity, during the last 13 years. They declared this as Dharm (Mantra for progress of Humanity) and went to Mahabharat war.

The Pandavs declared use of genetic engineering, human cloning and farming, as unethical and destructive to growth of Humanity. They, too, had large support all over the world. It was this message Lord Krishna, who was respected for his pro- humanity views all over the world, sent when he allowed his genetically improved army to assist Duryodhan and he himself decided to support Pandavs, without taking arms. It was a TACTICAL and Political decision. For Pandavs too, it was Dharm Yudh.

Remember to understand Mahabharat; there are two things which are important: 

1) Mahabharat is History of Humans with no supernatural/miraculous powers assigned to any characters.

2) The Ganesh-Vyas dialogue clearly indicates that the entire text, that is, Mahabharat, is CODED and cannot be understood, without accepting that Mahabharat has to be used to improve the condition of CURRENT society, humanity and world.
Difference between genetic engineering and cloning:

Genetic engineering is a laboratory technique used by scientists to change the DNA of living organisms.

Cloning is the creation of an organism that is an exact genetic copy of another. This means that every single bit of DNA is the same between the two.

Note: You can get lot of useful information about genetic engineering and Cloning from various sites.
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