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WHEN MAHARISHI VYAS decided to compose Mahabharat, he had one big problem to solve. Who will write Mahabharat, as per his dictation? 
Through his TAP he contacted Bhrama, the Creator, and was advised that Lord Ganesh only could do the job.
Maharishi Vyas once again mediated and offered prayer to Lord Ganesh. Ganesh Ji appeared before him and after offering his prayers and thanking him, Vyas requested Ganesh Ji to write Mahabharat as per his dictation. 
Ganesh Ji agreed, but with one condition. “Your dictation should be fast enough so that my LAKHENI(pen)should not stop writing”, Said Lord Ganesh. ”Agreed” said Maharishi,” but you will not write anything until and unless you have fully comprehended it.” Lord Ganesh, the Lord who clears agreed to the condition of Maharishi Vyas.
And thus Mahakavya called Mahabharat was composed.

We will be discussing the Mahakavya called Mahabharat here.

Ganesh-Vyas dialogue accepts that the entire Dharmic texts are coded and for Mahabharat, special code had been used. We will discuss that here.

We shall be discussing the entire Mahakavya, i.e. Mahabharat in detail. 

The first thing I, as the author of this blog has to declare is that for me, Mahabharat is History of this world of a period about 5000 years old. For me just like all other history, Mahabharat is the History of HUMANS and since history of humans does NOT, and CAN NOT have any character with supernatural powers, I FIRMLY BELIEVE that Mahabharat too, did not had had any character with supernatural powers.

I however ACCEPT and Believe that Lord Krishna was and is an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, and that this Ganesh-Vyas dialogue, simply adds more value, perhaps special value to this History of Avatar of Lord Vishnu.

There are two things which are absolutely clear from Ganesh-Vyas dialogue. one that the entire Dharmic texts are coded, and second that Mahabharat has a special code, apart from the usual code used in all other Dharmic Texts. What exactly is that Code?

Now we need to understand the usual code which has been used in all Dharmic texts first. That is relatively simple and must had been used several times. Dharm. on the physical front, contains content for the society which is a mixture of emotional content and Karmic content. While other religions have PREFERRED not to provide options to change the PROPORTION of content, Sanatan Dharm HAS this option.

Sanatan Dharm appreciates that Society passes through Bad time, good time and sometimes WORST times. Apart from that the society may be uneducated and less informed as during the last 5000 years, or may be educated and informed as of now. Now all this things are to be taken into account while deciding the PROPORTION of CONTENT of religion. And, this much is public knowledge in this information age, that supernatural power increases the emotional content of any text, and treating the the same text as History of Humans increases the Karmic Content and reduces the emotional content.

Now this is the normal code which is used for all religious texts including Mahabharat. However Mahabharat has one more code, and that is stressed by Ganesh Vyas Dialogue. What exactly is that special code?

And the special code is:

Read Mahabharat as much as possible. One thing is sure; one will NEVER satisfactorily understand what exactly the Dharm was for which Mahabharat was fought. And the special code is to interpolate the Dharm as per "FUTURE MOST SERIOUS PROBLEM TO BE FACED BY THE ENTIRE WORLD", and after this interpolation, one would be able to understand Mahabharat completely.. An example would help to understand what is being said. Mahabharat war talks of Dharm Yudh(war). But for less informed uneducated society, that Dharm was NOT disclosed. For informed, educated society, the Dharm has to be disclosed by interpolation, and one would get this Dharm when one puts the current future world problem and its need in focus. THAT is the BEAUTY of this CODE. the important thing to understand is that Mahabharat was a WORLD WAR, so instead of putting the current Hindu Society into focus, please put the WORLD into fucus to get the Dharm. Read:GENETIC ENGINEERING, HUMAN CLONING WAS THE REASON OF MAHABHARAT WAR

Mahabharat is 5000 years old and Ramayan is at least 5,00,000 years old. Mahakavyas as such have gone through massive additions/subtractions, which is acknowledged by all expert but with an egoistic rider that only X expert is correct or Y expert is correct. Commonsense tells us that since such large period also contain long periods when such texts were carried forward through recitation, none of the expert could be correct.

For that they need to have the CURRENT HINDU Society as reference point.

Remember Avatars come on this earth because the society or should we say Humanity faces problems. So when Gurus preach religion making a religious text book as reference point or Guru of Guru as reference point, they are doing the greatest DISSERVICE to the Hindu society.

Religion has no use without a society following it. Yet these GURUS would NEVER agree that Hindu society should be the reference point. WHY? Because this will reduce their earning potentials, nay shall drastically decelerate their earning potential which is presently having momentum and acceleration by increasing the emotional content of religion POSSIBLE ONLY BY PROVIDING WRONG REFERENCE POINT.

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