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We are living in an information age. One of the reasons why Hindu society is passive is because Hindu Gurus are not providing the correct information.
Lot of confusion exists because Rakshas and Asurs are branded and declared as one and the same thing. 
This is far from truth.Before venturing any further, let us get the correct definitions of Rakshas, Devta, Surs and Asurs:

1.     Rakshas: A human who has started consuming human meat. To that extent only, they are different from other humans.
2.      Devta: Any mineral, solids, gases, liquid, vegitation, living organs in nature including humans are Devta, meaning, THEY EXIST BECAUSE OF ACCEPTED HARMONY; and here Harmony means Scientifically accepted proportion of Surs and Asurs. What is accepted harmony will be different for different Devtas. No wonder we have 33 corore Devtas.

REMEMBER: SUR AS THE WORD MEANS IS HARMONY, BUT HERE SUR also MEANS THE POSITIVE CONTENT. Ex: Red blood cells in Human body are Positive cells , and white blood cells Negative, but we need both in the body. BUT IN MOST OF THE PURANIK TEXTS SUR MEANS DEVTA, TO THAT EXTENT, PLEASE DO NOT GET CONFUSED
3.      Asurs: Just as we have harmony in nature, we also have disharmony (ASUR) too. Earthquake, storms, hurricanes other natural calamities are perhaps result of not having the right proportion of ratio of harmony and disharmony (ASUR). Obviously increase of Asurs or, using other language, when asurs become powerful weakens the Devta.
An Example would help:
AIR contains 21% Oxygen (Sur), 78% nitrogen (Sur), and 1% impurities (Asur), argon, carbon dioxide, hydrogen being main impurities. 
NOW..>this much Asur or impurities is SCIENTIFICALLY ACCEPTED, and air is PURE; but once the asurs increase their strength, the Devta gets weakened and Defeated. Today because of pollution air Devta is WEAKENED.\ 
When it comes to description of ASURS in Hindu religious texts, just as mountains(Himalaya), Rivers(Ganga, Saraswati , etc), Nakshatra (Swati, Rohini, etc) have all been provided human body to explain away certain characteristics, so are the Asurs or “DISHARMONY” in nature, within the earth , outside the earth , or in the cosmos.

However at places Devta have been replaced by use of word Surs and that need not confuse readers. There can be other departures too, but considering the texts be ancient with lot of addition and subtraction, this is only to be accepted and things required by science need to be culled out.

Hindu religion provides input in almost all important aspect of life and how life progressed on earth. We believe, just like the scientific world of today, that everything is cyclic in nature. Even, as per Hindu belief, evolution is cyclic in nature. The scientific world unofficially accepts and acknowledges this to be true, but because of its negative attitude against Hindu religious texts; they are reluctant to say so.
Let us accept certain well known scientific facts. 

Evolution/creation does not take place when everything is perfect, or at harmony (SUR) with each other. No you need chaos/disharmony to carry forward the growth story, and for that we need Asurs (disharmony). This fact is well known to the entire scientific community.

Please understand that EVOLUTION requires disharmony to progress. Creation that is already in place favors or tends towards perfection or Harmony. But that can only be TEMPORARY. Disharmony creates Chaos, and FURTHER and FUTURE GROWTH and perhaps now, one can understand the universally acknowledged saying that “Perfection is momentary and Chaos eternal”. Remember Chaos is not all that bad. Total or excessive chaos is destructive.
When Sati sacrificed her life, TOTAL CHAOS ruled the world for millions of years. There was total Disharmony, or if one chooses to say complete disharmony ruled the world. Life as such could not exist. It was only after Himalayas became larger and taller , a new harmony was developed, and reasonable ratio of harmony and disharmony was developed(Balance/stability), life reappeared on earth.
This is what one has to understand from our religious text, when reading Shiv-Sati episode, and this is consistent with the historical growth story of the world.

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