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इतिहास सही आकलन मैं सहायक होता है| हमें आज भौतिक मापदंड धर्म की सफलता और गिरावट के मालूम हैं, फिर पतन क्यूँ? हमारे धर्म गुरु ही शोषण कर रहे हैं~~History should  make us analyze what went wrong. We know physical parameters for measuring  success or decline of religion, Why then nothing is being done? Our Dharm Gurus are exploiting us.
RAMAYAN is an important Dharmic Granth of Hindus, and one which can give wonderful results in Kalyug. Because of its importance it has been written and rewritten by several Siddh Purush in different Indian languages. It is believed that if the principles of the Dharm enshrined in this sacred book are followed religiously, all the problems faced by individuals and societies would vanish, yet this has not happened in India. 
The earlier post has already spelled out the Dharm which was followed in Ram Rajya. The main points brought out in what exactly constituted the Dharm of Ram Rajya are as follows: 
“When we talk of Dharm, there were certain rules which already exited and which are so relevant even today, that no Hindu Dharm can progress without following them. Not following them or ignoring them means decline of society, distress and dissatisfaction all around. And they were for Rishis, maharishis, gurus, and generally for people wearing saffron clothes. Since these people were the stalwarts, or caretaker of religion, they never owned or possessed any property(not even by opening Matths and creating and enjoying property through that source), they invariably walked on foot, took simple food, walked around the country side or would go and stay alone in deep forest for at least nine months of a year. They stayed in a cottage (not the AC one!), invariably followed and promoted nature and environment. When they delivered religious sermons, the rule was, that everyone can listen to them and see them and they can also watch the audience and their expression (no, they did not use the loud speaker). THIS WAS CALLED MAHAMANTRA.
"These religious stalwarts knew that not following the Mahamantra, would destroy the society, and the Hindu religion itself. If hindu religion has to regain its lost glory, EVEN TODAY, THIS MAHAMANTRA HAS TO BE REVIVED AND FOLLOWED BY GURUS, MATTH OWNERS, SADHUS, AND ALL SAFRON CLAD PEOPLE.
“Now, regarding the DHARM of RAM RAJYA:
During Ram Rajya everyone had the right to worship any Dev or Devi, any stone or imageless God (Nirankaar). Worship was his personal choice. But one has to go, regularly, to the nearest temple situated in his society or Mohalla. In case one was not visiting regularly (regularly means daily, alternate day or weekly, depending on the choice of the person),the temple situated in the society or mohalla, he would not get any benefit of visiting Siddh temples, situated all over India, or, for that matter, any benefit of performing ‘TEERTH’(Pilgrimage). That was part one.
The other part, too, was also simple. One had to work, with honest and sincere intent, for the progress of his family, his larger family and the society (one can say mohalla, sector, sub sector, area) in which one was living, and show highest respect and regards to females. AND THAT WAS ALL.
"While the first part (prayer or worship) may or may not guarantee a ticket to Heavens (depending on one’s performance on other part, or one can say outward performance part), a sincere and honest effort in discharging ones duties for the progress of his family, his larger family and the society, guaranteed a ticket to Heavens.”
The Dharm outlined above is not very complicated, and the feedback I am getting is that this will guarantee revival of Indian society. Further the mindset of Indians and their family background could easily ensure that there will be no problem in implementing the Dharm. Then what is the big problem?
The problem is simply who will bell the cat! And there do not seem to be any solution to it. WHY? LET us find an answer to it.
We have written history of more than 3000 years, and if we go through it, we will find that the decline of Hindu religion had started due to regular invasions of outsiders; initially for plundering, and later, not only for plundering but also staying in India and enjoying its wealth, and, by force enforcing their culture, religion. These regular invasions of more serious nature started from Khyber Pass, and the different kings ruling India at that time, at various places could not unite to face this onslaught. This, in spite of the fact, that, every kingdom had a RAJGURU, to advise the king on such matters. These raj gurus lived in palaces, wore costly clothes and jewelries and generally enjoyed all luxuries. On the other hand Maharishi Vashist, the Rajguru of Ayodhya, stayed in cottage, outside Ayodhya, preferred to walk on foot, and promoted nature and natural resources. 
The history of India of last 2000 years is full of attack of outsiders and how they succeeded in plundering India because we could never unite even against outside invasion. The gurus and rulers, of that time, have let us down. Goswami Tulsidas, in his UTTARKAND , severely dealt with this issue by declaring what type of gurus you can expect in Kalyug. Even in Sikh religion, the tenth Guru, Guru Gobind Singh, abolished the succession of Gurus, and made Guru Granth Sahib, the symbol of Guru himself. Why we cannot learn from them?
Our 2000 years of history should at least make us look inward and analyze what went wrong. Now that we are living in the information age, and when we know that physical parameters(read: Ramayan and History) for measuring the success or decline of religion are available, why, nothing is being done. 
It is my humble petition with folded hands, and PRAYER that people, who matter in Hindu Religion, must take stock of the situation and initiate corrective measures. It is also my humble request, under severe distress, to all the READERS, that please do express yourself, not only here by writing comments, but also elsewhere. Remember, that you, and only you matter…this is your Dharm, and your problem, and you have to solve it yourself.

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